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Breakfast: Tuesday 8 June

Published: 7:05AM Tuesday June 08, 2010

Graffiti Symposium
Vancouver detective Valerie Spicer is the keynote speaker at the Auckland City Council's first ever Graffiti Symposium. Spicer is giving a profile on what makes a graffiti offender and says it's not about being a frustrated artist but more about a predisposition to becoming a serious offender.

John Key on Breakfast
Breakfast catches up with the political issues of the week with the Prime Minister.

Music reviews
Entertainment reporter Joanna Hunkin reviews new music from Jack Johnson and former model Karen Elson. Plus, the new Twilight soundtrack.
Michael Hill
Michael Hill is speaking at SkyCity about the being the next Michael Hill and how to identify an entrepreneur.

Are you the next Michael Hill?
Date: 5.30pm to 9.30pm, Tuesday 8th June 2010
Place: Skycity Auckland Convention Centre, 88 Federal Street, Auckland CBD
Price: $69 if you register and pay online,
or $89 on the night. Net proceeds will go to 'Cure Kids'
Guest Speakers: Michael Hill and Emma Hill, Deputy Chairperson

Marathon woman
Pink Pilates founder Lou James just climbed 5000 stairs and ran 42 kilometres; all on the most treacherous parts of the Great Wall of China. She talks to Breakfast about her life-changing experience. Check out her website for details.

Personal Shopper
Breakfast speaks to Heather Tait to find out what cool shopping bags are being given away when you buy.

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