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Breakfast: Thursday June 10

Published: 6:40AM Thursday June 10, 2010 Source: Breakfast

MP spending
Breakfast speaks to political commentator Chris Trotter about the announcement over MPs who had irregularities with their credit card spending, going all the way back to Helen Clark's government.

Facebook venting
David Lowe from the Employers and Manfacturers Association is warning employees about what they decide to write about their employer or work situation on Facebook, as it could lead to court action, while Greg Lloyd the lawyer from the EPMU says that would be breaching the fundamental rights to freedom of speech.

Political young guns
All the latest news from our political young guns in parliament.

Movie reviews
Entertainment reporter Joanna Hunkin reviews the big screen adaptation of the classic TV show, The A-Team. Plus, the latest DVDs, including Invictus and Fantastic Mr Fox.

West Coast isolation
He has lived on the West Coast for most of his life in one of the most remote parts of New Zealand. Robert Long joins Breakfast to talk about the isolation and conditions that led him to write a book about his life.

News from across the ditch
ONE News correspondent Steve Marshall takes a look at the stories creating talk at Australia's water coolers.

Long distance relationships
Relationship commentator Rachel Goodchild joins Breakfast to talk about ways to make a long distance relationship work.

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