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Breakfast: Thursday July 16

Published: 2:50AM Thursday July 16, 2009

An Invercargill man who called 111 when his bus caught fire claims he couldn't connect to local emergency services and was instead patched through to Auckland. Breakfast talked to Fire Communications Chief Bill Butzbach.

Outdoor safety
Tributes are flowing for Te Papa Chief Executive Seddon Bennington and his tramping companion Marcella Jackson who have been found dead in the Tararua Ranges. Breakfast talked to the Mountain Safety Council about the need to plan and prepare when going tramping in New Zealand.

Political Young Guns
Breakfast spoke to its parliamentary Young Guns about the bread debate, and a possible comeback from Winston Peters. 

Movie review
Francesca Rudkin reviewed Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and My Life in Ruins.

Latest from Australia
Australia Correspondent Steve Marshall joined Breakfast with Australian news updates and tales of the weird and wacky.

Denise L'Estrange Corbet
Breakfast spoke to World Fashion Designer Denise L'Estrange Corbet about the opening of her two new clothes stores in Auckland and Christchurch. Despite the country being in a recession she says people are still buying clothes.

Gardening guru Jamie Gardner shows how to get kids into growing healthy treats for their school lunchboxes these holidays.



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