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Breakfast: Thursday December 10

Published: 12:14AM Thursday December 10, 2009

Antarctica tourism
Maritime New Zealand Environmental Analyst Alison Lane speaks to Breakfast about the issues being raised at a major international conference in Wellington about tourism to Antarctica.

Breakfast speaks to Gerry Brownlee about the government implementing all the recommendations made by the Electricity Technology Advisory Group to see the electricity market become more competitive for consumers.

Political young guns
Breakfast gets the latest from its political Young Guns about Wednesday night's vote on Easter trading hours, and asks them what is expected from Copenhagen.

What's on at the movies
SKYCITY Cinemas General Manager' Jane Hastings checks out what is on at the movies this week including Avatar, Under the Mountain and Planet 51.

Latest from Australia
Breakfast speaks to Australia Correspondent Steve Marshall about the latest news from across the Tasman.

Relationship advice
Breakfast speaks to relationship commentator Rachel Goodchild on how to survive the holiday season as a single.


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