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Breakfast: Thursday 3 June

Published: 6:20AM Thursday June 03, 2010 Source: Breakfast

UK rampage
Emma Hart is in Cumbria and reports on the latest in the UK shooting rampage

Chinese students
Breakfast spoke to Steven Young the President of the Wellington Chinese Association about the difficulties international students face when coming to New Zealand and whether there are enough support networks in place for them. This comes after a young Asian girl was found murdered in the boot of her car

Health experiment
Clare Matheson was one of 127 women with pre-cancerous cervical disease that was used as a guinea pig in National Women's Hospital's Unfortunate Experiment during the 60s and 70s. She spoke to Breakfast about new findings from a study out of Otago University that proves several women died because of these experiments

Young Guns
All the latest news from our political Young Guns on the goings on in parliament

Movie reviews
Entertainment reporter Joanna Hunkin gives her verdict on Sex and the City 2 and Oscar nominee, The Last Station

Jim Moriarty
Breakfast reminisced about the old days of TV drama with veteran actor Jim Moriarty

Steve Marshall
There is no shortage of weird and wacky tales emerging from across the ditch, from cute and cuddly animals to not so cute and cuddly animals, to children finding themselves in perilous situations. Australian Correspondent Steve Marshall filled Breakfast in with all the news

The heavy rain all around the country this week prompted Breakfast's gardening expert Justin Newcombe to explain the 'dos and don'ts' for the wet weather

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