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Published: 10:30AM Wednesday March 17, 2010 Source: Breakfast

The gadget world is increasingly a woman's world - so nzgirl editor Tee Twyford has sought out the best women's widgets.

Innovation: Shoes of Prey
From: Australia
RRP: From $250 for a ballet flat.

Never be stuck without the perfect pair of shoes again - whether you're a diehard fashionista, creative type or a bride on the hunt for the shoes to match the dress of your dreams, Shoes of Prey will be your go-to site.

The brain child of a talented Aussie entrepreneurial trio, Shoes of Prey came about when Jodie Fox (self confessed shoe-aholic) managed to convince her husband Michael Fox and friend Mike Knapp (ex Google) to do something "useful" with their programming talents and develop a bespoke shoe designing software system. The result? A fun, user-friendly interface that allows you to create up to 30 trillion different shoes by customising your heel height, shoe style, type of leather, colour, decorations and more, then having them built and shipped to your door. Heaven!

Innovation: undetectaBELT
From: Australia
RRP: $AU29.99

On first glance, you might be mistaken for thinking the undetecta belt was just that, another belt. But in actual fact, this clear, adjustable belt with a flat clasp, with its multitude of uses almost make it a wardrobe essential. A common theme, innovation borne from ingenuity, Aussie duo Louisa Sparks and Kerry 'Frankie' Islin sourced the undetecta belt to help tackle common wardrobe dilemmas such as:

Jeans/pants that won't stay up or baggy waistbands. No more bunching, no more gaping back of your pants. The undetectaBELT holds them up, without a bulky belt buckle bulge to distract from your svelte silhouette.

Pregnancy/maternity wardrobe wear - the expandable size 6-19 belt, keeps up with your growing tummy. Also good for those between sizes or on a weightloss regime.

Frequent flyers stung by airport metal detectors - no more standing to the side for a pat down after your belt sets of the detectors.

Innovation: Jockey Next Generation No Panty Line Promise Briefs
From: New Zealand
RRP: From $24.95
Stockist: Available in Farmers and Leading Department Stores nationwide. Call 0800 800 390 for your nearest stockist.

Face it ladies - avoiding VPL has traditionally meant resorting to a g-string, or going commando. After splurging on a glamorous LBD, the last thing you want to worry about it discomfort or an unforgiving underwear line. Jockey's designer, Tessa Benham, has created the Jockey Next Generation No Panty Line Promise briefs with a clever new design to ensures your briefs stay in place, all day long, significantly reducing the dreaded VPL - and there's no g-string in sight!

Tessa removed seams and bumpy elastic - instead, she applied a thin layer of skin-sensitive silicon straight to the leg edge, to hug the body and ensure your briefs won't bunch or ride. These are seriously good briefs - they are so comfy on, the thin strips of silicon mould to your bottom and they don't move, all day! Perfect for under your LBD, under office wear or even under those unforgiving yoga pants!

Innovation: Smashbox O Glow and O Gloss
From: America
RRP: $45.00

They're calling it intuitive lip gloss - a combination of microcirculating Goji Berry-C Complex, ginkgo biloba, pomegranate seed antioxidants, revitalising marine botanicals and moisturising avocado oil all work together to create a glamorous lip gloss that personalises itself to your own indivudalised shade of pink or red! o-Gloss goes on clear and then the formula reacts with your the pH of your lips and thanks to a dye inside, goes a shade of pink/red which is different for everyone.

Thanks to the Avocado oil, the gloss is moisturising and has a nice light shine to it - not too sticky or gloopy. I'm a big fan of the finished colour too, similar to a 'flushed' look, and have been complimented many times on the shade of my lip gloss. As with the Shoes of Prey creations, there's something neat about being able to say it's customised just for you! Also comes in a lip plumping version, as well as O-Glow, a cheek glow/blush and O-Bronze.

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