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Breakfast: Monday, November 9

Published: 6:48AM Monday November 09, 2009 Source: Breakfast

Hone Harawira
Dr Ranganui Walker, a current Waitangi Tribunal Member and Hone Harawira supporter, joined Breakfast to discuss the row over the Maori Party MP's recent trip to Europe and that email.

Healthy sugar
Experts join Breakfast to talk about the new so-called healthy sugar - LoGiCane

Prime Minister John Key
John Key joins Breakfast to dicuss the issues of the day including ACT MP Rodney Hide's apology after taking his girlfriend overseas at the tax payer's expense.

Michael Parkinson
Paul Henry interviews broadcasting legend Michael Parkinson about his remarkable career and his new one-man show.

The Vintner's Luck
Keisha Castle-Hughes and Niki Caro joined Breakfast to talk about working together on the new film The Vintner's Luck

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