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Breakfast: Monday March 29

Published: 8:38AM Monday March 29, 2010 Source: Breakfast

Anti MMP
Breakfast spoke to retired businessman Peter Shirtcliffe who is behind the lobby group "Put MMP to the Vote", which seeks to encourage the public to weigh up the future of MMP when it is put to a referendum at the time of the 2011 general election, and to promote ideas for a fair and efficient decision process

ACT leader Rodney Hide is throwing support behind the "Put MMP to the Vote" group. Hide talked to Breakfast about why he agrees MMP should go, even though MMP was the only way ACT was able to get seats in parliament at the last election

Prime Minister
Prime Minister John Key's weekly chat with Breakfast

Electric Car report
Breakfast spoke to Dog and Lemon Guide author Clive Matthew-Wilson about an international report he's released about how electric cars are worse polluters than petrol cars

Plastic Surgery
Dr Howard Klein responded to an interview Breakfast did last week with a woman who travelled overseas for cosmetic surgery. Klein explained why it's not a good idea to travel to these Asian countries for such serious procedures

Flight Centre's Marie Pilkington looks at the increasing NZ demand for overseas weddings and how much they will cost

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