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Breakfast: Monday, March 15

Published: 6:22AM Monday March 15, 2010 Source: Breakfast

Mining conservation land
Breakfast speaks to Forest and Bird's Kevin Hackwell whose organisation uncovered government plans to mine 7,000 hectares of what they say is "high conservation" land.

Child brides
Breakfast speaks to Women's Refuge's Sarah Pomeroy following a Sunday story looking at how young women are being forced into marriage before the age of 16.

Kuchenbecker lawsuit
Breakfast speaks to Garth McVicar from the Sensible Sentencing Trust who is representing the family of Karl Kuchenbecker in court. The Kuchenbeckers, along with the family of Debbie Ashton, are suing the police, Corrections and Probabtion Services for negligence.

PM John Key
Breakfast's weekly chat with Prime Minister John Key.

Wild foods
Breakfast reporter Charlotte Bellis checks out the Hokitika Wildfoods Festival.

Beating the bullies
A school principal who has beaten the bullies tells Breakfast how he eradicated violence from the playground.

Erectile dysfunction
It's the elephant in the room for many households. But Breakfast tackles the hard issues, and this week speaks to Dr Frances Pitsillis about erectile dysfunction.

Travel pictures
Canon's Mieke van der Walle shares simple tips and tricks for getting great travel photos.

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