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Breakfast: Monday February 21

Published: 6:38AM Monday February 21, 2011

Milk prices
After a massive jump in the price of milk, Fonterra has frozen its domestic prices for the year and supermarket chain Progressive Enterprises has bought in to the idea. David Naulls from Consumer NZ says while this is good news it could be the dairy giant trying to avoid scrutiny of its pricing.
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Meat recommendations
The UK government will tell its citizens this week to eat less red meat. Breakfast asks Scott Champion, chief executive at Beef and Lamb NZ, what this might mean for our meat exports.
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US Security Forum
Breakfast is live at the US-NZ Partnership Forum, a chance to brainstorm how we can work with the U.S. to improve border security and trade.
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Breakfast takes a look at the Power Bands craze that has even the Prime Minister on board.

Nancy Schwartz
Nancy Schwartz specialises in marketing for charities and non-profits. She explains some of the ways that the sector is trying to maintain its cash-flow under trying economic conditions.

George Lucas - Documentary Edge
French director Alexandre Philippe, whose film "The People Vs George Lucas" plays at the 2011 Documentary Edge Festival, sits down with Breakfast to talk about Star Wars nuts.

Breakfast learns how to make sure your holidays aren't tarnished by pickpockets or protesters.

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