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Breakfast: Monday December 7

Published: 8:17AM Monday December 07, 2009

Christmas Shopping
Breakfast speaks to John Albertson of the Retailers Association about how retailers are gearing up for the onslaught of Christmas shopping over the next few weeks, and whether they expect it to be a busier year than last.

Fags and Fat
Jane Martin of the Obesity Policy Coalition has flown over from Australia to paricipate in a conference on changing policy to fight the obesity epidemic, using successes in tobacco control.

John Key
Breakfast talks to Prime Minister John Key about his latest decision to go to Copenhagen for the summit on Climate Change.

Ultra marathon man
Ultra marathon man Malcolm Law has just run seven great New Zealand walks in seven days to raise money for charity.

Tea ambassador Stephen Twining
Twinings Tea Ambassador Stephen Twining was in town to launch the Twinings competition for Kiwis to create their own blend of tea. Stephen also tells Breakfast what he thinks makes a good cuppa.

Mark Inglis' charity
Renowned world climber Mark Inglis and founder of charity Limbs4all has organised a trip to Nepal so that other Kiwis can experience the culture and environment on a 21 day trek, while proceeds from the trip will support the charity.

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