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Breakfast: Monday April 12

Published: 6:36AM Monday April 12, 2010 Source: Breakfast

Pay rises
With the country out of recession, employees who didn't get a pay rise last year will be hoping for one this year. Breakfast speaks to Phil O'Reilly of Business New Zealand.

Kirsty Bentley case
Eleven years since the death of Ashburton teenager Kirsty Bentley, police have been working with a British criminal profiler in the hope it may lead to finding her killer. Breakfast speaks to Kirsty's best friend at the time, Lee-Anne Kerr, and Detective Inspector Greg Williams, the officer in charge of the case.

School bullying
Breakfast speaks to Children's Commissioner Dr John Angus about policies the government is looking at introudcing to curb the growing incidence of bullying in schools.

Breathing life into ancient books
Book Doctor Bill Tito spends his life breathing life into ancient books, and he shows Breakfast some of his amazing work. Check out for more information .

Affecting babies in womb
Breakfast looks at how the things parents do while their unborn child is in the womb can actually affect the child later in life.

Luxury travel
Breakfast talks to Andrea Smith from Flight Centre about a selection of highly exclusive, luxurious South Pacific travel spots.

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