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Breakfast: Monday 8 June

Published: 8:31AM Monday June 08, 2009

Recession Depression
Breakfast talked to psychologist Dr Simon Hatcher about the record 1.2 million antidepressant prescriptions written by doctors in 2008.

Compensation to David Bain
Breakfast asked Law Professor Mark Henaghan if David Bain should receive compensation, and what a new coroners inquest into the murders might achieve.

John Key
Prime Minister John Key is asked about the call to compensate David Bain and the accusations against disgraced former Internal Affairs Minister Richard Worth.

We look at the issues facing non profit organisations as they are confronted with a drop in voluneteer numbers. 

What's in the women's magazines this week?

The Whiffenpoofs, a world famous acapella group from the prestigious Yale University, treat Breakfast viewers to a special performance. 

Male menopause
Breakfast spoke to Dr Frances Pitsillis about Male Menopause.

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