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Breakfast: Friday September 3

Published: 6:59AM Friday September 03, 2010 Source: Breakfast

London correspondent Paul Hobbs
There's been an apparent break through in the case of Madeleine McCann, with a paedophile claiming that he knows who took her. And the legal battle between the BBC and 'The Stig'.  Europe Correspondent Paul Hobbs updates us with the latest news from the UK.

Child Support
Allan Harvey from the Union of Fathers talks about the government's proposals to change the child support scheme to make it fairer for both parents.

Middle East
A new round of formal peace talks between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas begins in the US, brokered by President Barack Obama. Professor William Harris, from the University of Otago a political expert in Middle East affairs gives his prognosis.

Dom's Hollywood
John Travolta is accused of being Hollywood's latest love rat and Mad Men's Christina Hendricks hits out against the fashion industry. Plus, the latest on Paris Hilton, Dominic Bowden joins Breakfast live from LA with all Tinseltown's latest news.

Save the Children
Jasmine Whitbread is Save the Children's first ever International CEO, and she's visiting New Zealand for two days as part of a world trip to meet her international teams.

New York Fashion Week
Richard Kavanagh is leaving for New York Fashion Week next week to be hair stylist for some of the big fashion labels showing there.

Foodie Friday - Entertaining Disasters
How To Cope With Culinary Disasters - In a world full of seeking perfection when it comes to food and entertaining our Cuddly Cook Annabelle White is here to show you how to transform a disaster, hide a culinary mishap and restore your confidence in the kitchen



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