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Breakfast: Friday June 18

Published: 7:16AM Friday June 18, 2010 Source: Breakfast

Hamilton Field Days
Breakfast spoke to Stuart Lock from Waikato University's finance department about how well Hamilton Field Days is going and whether that is being reflected in the economy.

Domestic violence
Breakfast spoke to Domestic violence advocate Ruth Herbert who is pushing the government to hold an independent commission of inquiry into our shocking, and increasing incidents of domestic violence.

Paul Hobbs reports from London
Breakfast spoke to Europe correspondent Paul Hobbs from London.

Hollywood gossip
A Hilton with child porn and a Vice President's sex scandal, Breakfast talks to Dominic Bowden about all the latest antics from Hollywood.

Journey of the Crusades
Max Evenbly & David Delia are two Kiwis living in the UK are walking from London to Jerusalem over nine months, following the journey of the crusades.

Annabelle White in Ireland
Cuddly Cook Annabelle White spoke to Breakfast from Ireland - she'll be attending the Gaelic Games and cooking with seaweed.

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