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Breakfast: Friday July 3

Published: 1:58AM Friday July 03, 2009

Wimbledon highlights
All the highlights from the women's semi-final matches aired from 12am on TV ONE.

H1N1 flu virus
Dr Fran McGrath, Deputy Director of Public Health gave Breakfast an update on the growing number of cases of H1N1 "swine" flu and when a vaccine could be expected.

Missing rowers' wives
Rebecca Wigram and Michelle Staples are the wives of two men rowing across the Indian Ocean in a charity event. The four-man crew haven't made contact with anyone since June 26.

A sneak preview of the sort of tumbling, turning, stunt-filled action we can expect at this weekend's Cheerfest Ultimate Championships.

Dominic from LA
Entertainment Reporter Dominic Bowden joined Breakfast with the latest on Michael Jackson's death.

Brekkie Awards
Judges Graham Wall and Irene Gardiner hand out the weekly Brekkie Awards.

Noel Walker spoke about the "Gang Show,' a part of Scouting New Zealand's rich history.

Foodie Annabelle White gave Breakfast viewers her best recipe for Irish stew.

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