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Breakfast: Friday August 21

Published: 11:18PM Thursday August 20, 2009 Source: Breakfast

News from the UK
Europe Correspondent Mark Crysell update Breakfast on the stories making news in the UK

Boy racers
Breakfast spoke to Frank Lucaz the organiser behind a mass protest over new boy racing laws. The protest's expected to attract up to a thousand car enthusiasts in Hamilton tomorrow night

Richard Hadlee
Sir Richard Hadlee joined Breakfast following the release of his new memoir, Changing Pace

Dom's Hollywood
Breakfast got its weekly Hollywood gossip fix from LA Correspondent Dominic Bowden

Brekkie Awards
Breakfast spoke to Brekkie Awards judges Irene Gardiner and David Slack about the toast and egg of the news week

Gospel Choir
Visiting US gospel singers gave Breakfast a special performance and Professor Beverly Baughan described the importance of gospel in music history

Foodie Friday
Award-winning UK pastry chef Claire Clark showed how to create a dreamy dessert using just three pantry staple ingredients

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