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Breakfast: Friday April 1

Published: 5:55AM Friday April 01, 2011 Source: Breakfast

RWC in our schools
The Rugby World Cup will become part of the primary school curriculum this year. Nearly half a million activity packs will be sent to schools around the country and teachers are encouraged to get behind the tournament. Breakfast asks Peter Simpson from the New Zealand Principals Federation if a commercial operation has any place in the curriculum.

Paul Hobbs with the latest from Europe
Breakfast checks in with Europe Correspondent Paul Hobbs to find out about the award being bestowed upon Prince Andrew.

Auckland's private prison
Auckland Central Remand Prison today becomes the first privately run correctional facility under new National party legislation. Corrections boss Ray Smith tells Breakfast that the private operator - Serco - will be closely monitored.

High performance sport
With more government funding for sport there's now a rethink of the systems in place for our high performance athletes. Breakfast asks Kereyn Smith from the NZ Olympic Committee about how to channel that money into getting the best performances.

Red Puppy Appeal
Blair McConnell, who is blind, was led out of his office building by his guide dog Kiwi during the February earthquake in Christchurch. He talks to Breakfast about the amazing skills of guide dogs across the country as the Red Puppy Appeal launches today.

Unique intersection
Lucas de Jong investigates a rather unique intersection with four stop signs. So what happens when four cars all arrive at the same time? Who gives way to who?

My Media with Karen Walker
Legendary New Zealand designer Karen Walker talks about the new stories that have sparked her interest in the past week.

Foodie Friday with Annabelle
Breakfast's Cuddly Cook Annabelle White shows us how to make delicious fruit buttermilk scones.

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