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Breakfast is back on Monday!

Published: 2:13PM Thursday January 14, 2010

Get ready for another year of your favourite morning news show! Breakfast is back on the airwaves on Monday January 18.

Paul is still on holiday so Matty McLean will have a slightly longer reprieve but Pippa will be there.

Joining her on the couch will be ONE News reporter (and normally our man based in New York) Tim Wilson. Tim is no stranger to the Breakfast couch having filled in for Paul when he went on holiday in 2008.

Another new addition to the Breakfast team is our brand spanking new ONE News Entertainment reporter Joanna Hunkin. She'll be sitting down with the Breakfast crew for regular music and movie reviews.

Tim Wilson also  blogs for Check out some of his recent additions: Conan O'Brien's salvation, Why Jacko's doctor is innocent and Haiti's pact with Satan - cursing the downtrodden.

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