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Blast from the past for Breakfast news

Published: 6:17PM Wednesday November 25, 2009 Source: ONE News

Breakfast news had a blast from the past on Thursday with the return of four former presenters.

On Thursday morning four of TVNZ's former presenters braved live television again and read one of the news bulletins on TV ONE's Breakfast programme to mark the 40th anniversary of network news.

Dougal Stevenson, the first person to ever read the network news in New Zealand, read the 8am bulletin while Jenni Goodwin, who in 1975 was the first woman in the Commonwealth to read prime time news, read the 7.00am bulletin.

Former news and current affairs presenter David Beatson was at the news desk for 7:30am and finishing off the morning with the 8.30am bulletin was Lindsay Perigo - a controversial news and current affairs presenter from the 1980s and 1990s.

Regular presenter Ali Mau assisted.

Check out how our guest presenters looked and sounded...

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