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Border Security on TV ONE

Mondays at 7.30pm.

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More than 20,000 people enter Australia every day be sea and by air. How many of these people are really who they say they are? Are they on holidays or do they have more sinister intentions?

Hosted by Grant Bowler, Border Security takes viewers behind-the-scenes of Australia's immigration, customs and quarantine departments.

The men and women that patrol here are literally at the front line when it comes to protecting our country from drug runners, illegal immigrants and potential terrorists. They are also the last line of defence against harmful pests and disease coming into the country.  

To make the series, Border Security's crew were granted unprecedented access to all areas of national security - not just at airports, but in coastal waters and mailing centres around the country.

Fly-on-the-wall footage captures the planning and implementation of large scale operations such as major drug and weapons busts, as well as the discovery of strange and bizarre objects people try to smuggle into the country. 

In this season of Border Security, an American couple get into hot water after failing to declare 3kg of fruit. Customs officers discover snakes, beetles and lizards in a passenger's luggage. Religious artefacts come under scrutiny, fake designer clothing is unearthed and a foreign fishing vessel moves into Australian waters.

Other episodes feature a British citizen who faces deportment from the country despite setting up a life with her fiancéin Australia, Japanese tourists suspected of smuggling protected wildlife, and the discovery of an illegal fishing boat off the coast of Darwin.

In these uncertain times, Border Security will take viewers to the frontline of Australia's national security.

Check out the Australian Customs Service website here .