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About Bloodlines

Saturday at 8.30pm 

Dunedin's Head of Psychiatry thought he was clever enough to commit the perfect murder...and he almost got away with it.

In the television thriller of the year Screentime and TVNZ reveal the true story of one of the most evil crimes in New Zealand history.

In November 1999, emanent Head of Psychiatry at Otago Hospital Dr Colin Bouwer, put a murderous plan into action. 

He wanted his wife out of the way and over several months he poisoned her with prescription medication causing a slow and painful death, monitored by the man she loved.  It was going to be the perfect crime. 

Andrew Bowers, a young consultant physician, never expected that he would stumble upon a murder in process. 

Following on a gut instinct, he determinedly pursued the truth.  Putting his career on the line and his reputation in question, he refused to back down even under pressure from his colleagues.  It was down to Bowers and Detective Brett Roberts dogged pursuit of the truth that eventually uncovered Annette Bouwers cold-blooded murder by her husband, an evil man with a Mensa IQ who thought he was smarter than anyone else in New Zealand.

Directed by Peter Burger (Until Proven Innocent), Starring Mark Mitchinson, (Show of Hands) Nathalie Boltt (District 9), Craig Hall and Will Hall (Shortland Street).