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Big Trouble In Thailand


About Big Trouble In Thailand

Big Trouble In Thailand on TV ONE

Big Trouble in Thailand is a fast-moving, fly on the wall series following Thailand's tourist cops, a team that include 30 British cops who work alongside the local Thai police.

Recruited to deal with the 850,000 Brits who fly into Thailand every year, they are a series of colourful and compelling characters.

These Brits get into more trouble than any other foreign visitors as many young people and adventure seekers see Thailand as the new Ibiza.

They mistakenly view Thailand as a completely safe place to have fun and let off steam. 

Big Trouble in Thailand goes beyond the superficial Thailand most visitors see to give an insight into the Thai mindset and culture in a very accessible and entertaining style.

But alongside the sights, Thailand is one of the most dangerous tourist spots to visit. 

Last year 270 Brits came home in body bags.

Many of these deaths were traffic accidents or related to drink and drugs. Seven tourists were even murdered.

Tourists get themselves mixed up in drunken brawls, drug use, suicides, hotel fires, sexual offences, sex tourism, robbery, lost passports, pick pocketing, bag snatches, fraud, prostitute/client disputes, insurance scams, road accidents and murders.

Featuring brawls, motor cycle accidents, fires, drugs, robberies, thefts, scams and disputes, Thai Cops has exclusive access to the police to show how this special team deals with the tourists who get themselves into trouble abroad.