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As it happened: NBA Finals - Heat v Thunder

Published: 12:55PM Friday June 15, 2012 Source: ONE Sport

Follow live scoring updates of Game Two of NBA finals between Oklahoma City Thunder and Miami Heat.

2012 NBA Finals

4Q The Heat square the series 1-1 as the Thunder drop their first home game of the playoffs. They were put under immense pressure in the final quarter, but were able to withstand it. LeBron James produced another big game with 32 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists. Dwyane Wade also came to life with 24 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists, while Chris Bosh's 16 points and 15 rebounds were invaluable. Also a big performance from Shane Battier who added 17 points.

Kevin Durant survived a slow start and foul trouble to finish with 32 points, while Russell Westbrook added 27 and James Harden had 21 points.

Game three is in Miami on Monday (NZT)

0.0 Miami 100-96 OKC

0.7 Durant went for the quick shot, but it wouldn't go and LeBron pulls down the rebound and is fouled. James makes both at the line to make it a two possession game. Durant believes he was fouled on the initial shot and he may have a case. 100-96 OKC

0.12 The Thunder make a stop on the next Heat offensive possession and call timeout. Coach Scott Brooks will be telling them to get the ball in Durant's  hands as he looks to tie it.

0.35 Durant makes a massive 3 off a Thunder steal! Miami 98-96 OKC

0.50 Durant attacks the rim and scores quickly out of the timeout. Miami call a timeout. Miami 98-93 OKC

0.53 Wade dribbles to the basket and finds Bosh who throws it down. Great play. The Thunder call time out. There's still time, but not much. Miami 98-91 OKC

1.26 LeBron banks in a jumper with shot clock winding down. Miami 96-91 OKC

1.47 After back to back baskets from Westbrook it's a three point game! Durant missed the lay-up but Westbrook followed up well and tipped it in. Miami call time out. Miami 94-91 OKC

2.51 Wade makes a tough shot falling away and banks it in. Miami 94-87 OKC 

3.20 Kevin Durant splits a pair of free throws. Miami 92-87 OKC

4.32 LeBron makes two free throws. Miami 92-86 OKC

4.40 Durant negates it immediately with a three of his own. He's yet to miss in the fourth. Miami 90-86 Thunder

5.05 Battier makes his fifth three pointer. It looked miles to big, but he manages to bank it in. Miami 90-83 OKC

6.06 Massive three point play from Westbrook. He drove at LeBron James off the fast break and got hit and made the finish. Miami 85-81 OKC

6.28 Durant makes a pair at the line. Miami 85-78 OKC

6.40 Beautiful feed from LeBron with the shot clock winding down and Bosh finishes inside. Miami 85-76 OKC

7.31 Wade splits a pair of free throws much to the delight of the crowd. Miami 83-76 OKC

7.44 A nice finish as Harden goes to the basket and the Thunder are well and truly back in it. Miami 82-76 OKC

8.20 KD is back! He pulls down a rebound at the defensive end, then throws down the big jam at the other end. Miami call timeout. Miami 82-74 OKC

9.04 Durant hits a three and gets the deficit back to 10. Miami 82-74 OKC

9.35 Bosh makes two at the charity stripe. Miami 82-69 OKC

10.31 Durant tries to get a rebound over the back of Haslem and is called for the foul. That's his fifth and could spell trouble for the Thunder. Miami 80-69 OKC

Wade gets the floater to go. Miami 80-69 OKC

11.42 Westbrook has 20 points after opening the final quarter with a pull-up jumper. Miami 78-69 OKC

3Q A better quarter for the home side, but they were unable to substantially cut into the lead. The four fouls for Kevin Durant could cause them some problems down the stretch.

0.0 Miami 78-67 OKC

0.36 James Jones enters the game and makes a jumper off the dribble. Miami 78-67 OKC

1.19 Westbrook gets inside and make a nice finish. Miami 76-65 OKC

2.13 Harden incredibly misses a pair of free throws. Miami 74-63 OKC

2.45 Incredible finish in the paint under pressure by Kendrick Perkins. Durant has taken a seat with the foul trouble. Miami 74-63 OKC

3.31 Durant picks up his fourth foul. LeBron goes to the line and makes both. Miami 72-61 OKC

3.50 Miami can't score out of the time out and Durant makes a tough lay-up down the other end to cut the lead to single digits. Miami 70-61 OKC

4.19 Good aggression from Westbtook as he drives past Haslem and makes the lefty lay-up. Miami 70-59 OKC

4.57 Perkins is fouled off the ball and nails both shots at the line. Miami 70-57 OKC

5.53 Durant makes a three pointer from the corner, however Battier negates it with his fourth of the night. Miami 70-55 OKC

7.40 Shane Battier with a nice floater to finish for the Heat. Miami 65-52 OKC

8.11 Durant and Wade trade jump shots. Miami 63-52 OKC

8.53 Chalmers picks up his second foul, the Heat's fifth of the quarter. Durant splits the free throws. Miami 61-50 OKC

9.08 LeBron makes two free throws. Miami 61-49 OKC

9.32 Westbrook finds some form as he drains a three. Makes it a 10 point game. Miami 59-49 OKC

9.55 Battier draws an offensive foul on Durant. LeBron makes a two-pointer at the other end. Miami 59-46 OKC

10.41 Bosh fouls Ibaka who splits two free throws. Miami 57-46 OKC

11.00 LeBron James answers right back with a driving layup. Miami 57-45 OKC

11.21 Durant knocks down a pull up jumper to open the half. Miami 55-45 OKC

2Q A good first half from the visitors. The big three are operating as they should be with LeBron James leading them with 14 points, Dwyane Wade has 13, while Chris Bosh has 10 points and 10 rebounds. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook couldn't really get going in the quarter with 6 and 9 points respectively. However James Harden has been exceptional with 17 points. The Heat are in control at this stage, but as we saw in game one the Thunder can be a dangerous second half opponent.

0.0 Miami 55-42 OKC

0.11 Westbrook gets to the line and splits a pair of free throws. Miami 55-43 OKC

0.27 LeBron makes a pair of free throws. Miami 55-42 OKC

0.42 Good ball movement from the Thunder sees Harden knock down a wide open three pointer. Miami 53-42 OKC

1.18 Westbrook is fouled and makes two free throws. Miami 51-39 OKC

1.56 Sefolosha hits a corner three to answer back out of the time out. Miami 51-37 OKC

2.09 Durant misses a three and Mario Chalmers makes one at the other end in transition to give the Heat a 17 point lead, their largest of the night. Miami 51-34 OKC

2.33 LeBron powers into the basket and gets this finish. Miami 48-34 OKC

3.13 Ibaka blocks LeBron, but bosh regathers and throws it down. Miami 46-34 OKC

3.52 Beautiful feed from Westbrook to his man Durant on the inside and he makes the finish. Miami 44-34

4:58 Harden is called for a reach-in foul and Wade shoots two at the line. Miami 44-32 OKC

5.08 Westbrook nails a three pointer straight out of the time out. That's just his second three pointer of the evening. Miami 42-32 OKC

5.26 Shane Battier nails a three pointer to stretch the lead once more. Thunder call time out. Miami 42-29 OKC

5.55 The Thunder get a tough call as Ibaka attempts a block but is called for goaltending. Miami 39-29 OKC.

6.17 Great hustle from Ibaka as he puts pressure on Bosh off a rebound and forces a backcourt violation. Miami 37-29 OKC

7.23 Heat can't score out of the time out. Ibaka nails a jumper to close the gap to single figures. Miami 35-27 OKC

8.13 Great period for the home side as Serge Ibaka drives to the basket and finishes, he then makes a block at the other end and Harden profits with the lay-up. The Heat call time out. Miami 35-25 OKC

9.10 Chris Bosh knocks down a wide open jumper for his second steal. Miami 35-23 OKC

James Harden is fouled by LeBron and knocks down both free throws. Miami 33-21 OKC

10.59 Wade knocks down a floater. Miami 33-17 OKC

1Q  Big quarter for Miami! They came out with intent and have racked up a big advantage. LeBron leads for Miami scoring with eight points while Harden has 10 points. OKC have shot just 5-20 from the field and that pretty much sums up the first quarter.

0.0 Miami 27-15 OKC

Harden goes to the line and shoots all three freethrows. Miami 27-15 OKC

0.35 Miller is fouled and he lands one of two free-throws. Miami 26-12 OKC

1.33 Harden steps back and drains a jumper. He is going nicely thankfully for the home fans. Miami 25-12 OKC

2.19 Westbrook layup shot made under pressure. Miami 25-10 OKC

2.39 Wade drains a pull-up jumper..

2.59  James gets a nice lay-up. Miami 22-10 OKC

3.23 Harden drives to the basket and gets lay-up. Miami 20- 10 OKC

Westbrook goes to the line and sinks both free-throws.  Miami 20- 8 OKC

4.11 LeBron lands a jumper and he is on fire. Miami 20- 5 OKC

4.34 OKC finally stop the 16 point run. Harden lands a three. Miami 18- 5 OKC

4.50 LeBron has his game face on (Remember final quarter of game seven against Boston?) and this could be a whipping as he lands a nice hook shot. Miami 18- 2 OKC

5.40 This is unbelievable! Battier drains another three (2/2) and Miami are bring the HEAT. Miami 16 - 2 OKC

6.36 Wade runs down the land and smashes a dunk home. Crowd stunned. Miami 13 - 2 OKC

6.58 Bosh hits a layup and he looks like he is getting back to his best. OKC start slow once more. Miami 11 - 2 OKC

7.23 Bosh sinks two free-throws. Miami on top early. Miami 9 - 2 OKC

8.45 Wade Driving dunk shot slammed home. NICE! Miami 7 - 2 OKC

9.14 Durant lands jump shot. Finally on the board. Miami 5 - 2 OKC

10.40 Thunder struggling from the field. LeBron lands jumper from 15 feet. Miami 5 - 0 OKC

11.10 Shane Battier srains the three. Miami 3 - 0 OKC

11.30 Ibaka wins the tip, but misses the first shot of the Game Two. Durant gets rebound but Perkins can't control pass. Turnover.

(Best-of-seven series) OKC-1-0 up

Game One - Chesapeake Energy Arena, Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City Thunder

0 - Russell Westbrook, 2 - Thabo Sefolosha, 35 - Kevin Durant, 9 - Serge Ibaka, 5 - Kendrick Perkins, 13 - James Harden, 45 - Cole Aldrich, 4 - Nick Collison, 14 - Daequan Cook, 37 - Derek Fisher, 11 - Lazar Hayward, 7 - Royal Ivey, 15 - Reggie Jackson, 6 - Eric Maynor, 8 - Nazr Mohammed

Miami Heat

15- Mario Chalmers, 3 - Dwyane Wade, 6 - LeBron James, 31 - Shane Battier, 40 - Udonis Haslem, 1 - Chris Bosh, 50 - Joel Anthony, 30 - Norris Cole, 34 - Eddy Curry, 14 - Terrel Harris, 5 - Juwan Howard, 22 - James Jones, 13 - Mike Miller, 45 - Dexter Pittman, 21 - Rony Turiaf