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As it happened: Breakers v Wildcats - game three

Published: 6:09PM Tuesday April 24, 2012 Source: ONE Sport

  • The Breakers tussle for the ball (Source: Photosport)
    The Breakers tussle for the ball - Source: Photosport

Live updates as the Breakers try to seal back-to-back Australian NBL titles in Auckland tonight. 

End of game Breakers  79 Wildcats 73

The Breakers have gone back to back! Cedric Jackson throws the ball into the stands and the team embrace in midcourt. What a fantastic finish. The Breakers had fouls to give and were able to slow the game down and seal the title. Gary Wilkinson led all scorers with 23 points, but the performance of the veteran CJ Bruton down the sdtretch and that massive rejection from Abercrombie may have been the difference at the end.

A massive roar from the crowd as CJ Bruton is named as the finals MVP after his exceptional performances throughout the series.

Q4 9:38 Breakers 79 Wildcats 73

Huge play by Abercrombie as he blocks Redhage and Perth have to foul. Bruton hits both free throws.

Q4 9:12 Breakers 77 Wildcats 71

CJ BRUTON with another three! Tovey is then ejected for his fifth foul and Jackson splits the free throws.

Q4 8:51 Breakers 73 Wildcats 69

Redhage buries a three out of the timeout to silence the crowd. Lemanis calls time out, the Breakers can't afford to let the foot off the gas here.

Q4 8:45 Breakers 73 Wildcats 66

Jackson restores the lead to seven after a Wildcat bucket. Perth call timeout and the crowd here lift as they feel a second championship on the way.

Q4 8:00 Breakers 71 Wildcats 64

Number 23 CJ BRUTON! With a three pointer for a 7 point lead. Is that enough? There's still plenty of time, but that's the first dagger.

Q4 5:45 Breakers 66 Wildcats 64

Lisch buries a midrange jumper to reduce it to a two point game. Earlier Wilkinson couldn't convert on a good look at a three pointer.

Q4 4:03 Breakers 66 Wildcats 62

Wilkinson again, this time he lands a nice wee floater.

Q4 3:15 Breakers 64 Wildcats 62

Beautiful finish on the fadeaway jumper from Wilkinson puts the Breakers back on top. Just.

Q4 2:51 Breakers 62 Wildcats 62

Tovey ties it with another three-pointer and Lemanis wastes no time in calling time-out to halt this 8-0 run.

Q4 1:48 Breakers 62 Wildcats 59

Lisch nails a three and that eight point lead is now just three.

Q4 0:34 Breakers 62 Wildcats 54

The Breakers score the first four points of the quarter and suddenly their lead is 8. Lisch gets called for his fourth personal.

End of third quarter Breakers 58 Wildcats 54

A massive boost for the home fans to end the third quarter as Abercrombie throws it down from the Jackson lob pass. The crowd are going crazy! It was starting to get a bit niggly out there and I'd be picking that will continue into the final quarter of the season. 

Q3 8:09 Breakers 54 Wildcats 52

Shawn Redhage makes two free throws after Boucher is called for his third personal.

Q3 7:22 Breakers 54 Wildcats 50

After missing three in a row, Jackson makes a free throw. More significantly, Kevin Lisch is called for his third foul.

Q3 5:50 Breakers 51 Wildcats 50

Greg Hire makes a three pointer, but CJ Bruton answers straight back with one of his own.

Q3 4:30 Breakers 48 Wildcats 47

Again the big man Wilkinson is involved as Jackson kicks it out to him and he lands a big three.

Q3 3:28 Breakers 45 Wildcats 45

The free throws by Wilkinson are split.He rcovers the rebound off his miss, but then steps out.

Q3 3:19 Breakers  44 Wildcats 45

Wilkinson is smashed by Tovey as he went to finish a move in transition off a steal from Vukona. That's Tovey's fourth and he gets the treatment from the home fans. Wilkinson to shoot two after a timeout.

Q3 1:25 Breakers 44 Wildcats 43

Wilkinson completes a three point play after being fouled by Redhage. Redhage is booed vigorously by the crowd.

Q3 1:00 Breakers 41 Wildcats 41

Can you feel it comes to an end as Vukona finishes down low with an assist from Jackson.

Q3 0:00 Breakers 39 Wildcats 41

The traditional third quarter tune "Can you feel it" has started and we're ready for the second half!

End of first half Breakers 39 Wildcats 41

Action Jackson gets himself into the game late in the half, going inside to finish the Breakers' last two possessions of the quarter. The Breakers are being beaten up a bit here and need to come out strongly after half time. Matthew Knight leads all scorers with 15, while Gary Wilkinson has 10 for the Breakers.

Q2 8:56 Breakers 35 Wildcats 37

A nice up and under finish from Pledger ends a 6-0 run for Perth.

Q2 8:12 Breakers 33 Wildcats 34

A three point play from the Wildcats puts them back in front.

Q2 7:06 Breakers 33 Wildcats 31

Pledger makes two free throws and the Breakers are in front once more. The crowd really seem to be giving it everything now!

Q2 6:20 Breakers 31 Wildcats 31

Pledger ties the game with a big jam on the lob pass from Jackson. Great way to bring the already vocal crowd into the game.

Q2 5:12 Breakers 29 Wildcats 31

Abercrombie drives strongly from the top of the key and gets the finish with a skilful lay-in.

Q2 4:16 Breakers 27 Wildcats 29

Nice move by Wilkinson as he draws in the defender with a fake, steps back behind the line and nails the three-pointer.

Q2 3:30 Breakers 24 Wildcats 27

Bruton gets a good look at the corner three he was looking for, but he throws an airball! The Breakers need him on song as they just look to have fallen off the pace in the last few minutes.

Q2 2:30 Breakers 24 Wildcats 25

Wilkinson lands a pair of free throws but Knight answers back with another jumper. The Breakers may be wise to watch him as he's looking to heat up.

Q2 1:57 Breakers 22 Wildcats 23

It's a scrappy old start to the second quarter as neither side can convert on their early posessions. Matthew Knight eventually puts Perth in front with a nice mid range jumper.

Q1 10:00 Breakers 22 Wildcats 21

And that's where the first quarter ends. Breakers will be disappointed with their defence, but encouraged by the early form of Tom Abercrombie and CJ Bruton, who have the basket on lock.

Q1 9:30 Breakers 22 Wildcats 21

Shawn Redhage can't convert two free throws, but Perth get the offensive rebound and nail a three pointer. One-point game.

Q1 8:00 Breakers 20 Wildcats 18

Perth edge closer now. Breakers are still leaving a man unmarked underneath the hoop and the Wildcats capitalise.

Q1 6:00 Breakers 18 Wildcats 14

CJ Bruton now drains a long shot. That's four three-pointers already for the Breakers. They're what's keeping them ahead.

Q1 4:30 Breakers 13 Wildcats 10

And Abercrombie sinks another three. But the Wildcats have their offense purring nicely too. Breakers will want to up their game on defence.

Q1 3:00 Breakers 8 Wildcats 4

The Breakers get the early advantage thanks to three-pointers from Abercrombie and Wilkinson. An intense start to the game defensively, with both sides employing variations of the full-court press.

Tip off: It falls for the Breakers, but Tom Abercrombie misses his first shot. Perth miss theirs too.


Having just played host to a flurry of fire-breathing dragons, Vector Arena in Auckland tonight welcomes a much more fearsome bevy of beasts - the Perth Wildcats in search of a championship.

And don't the New Zealand Breakers know it. They're still licking their wounds from game two in Perth last Friday night, where the Cats scratched, scrapped, smacked and flopped their way to a series-levelling 87-86 victory which continued the high drama of this epic ANBL grand final.

The Breakers should back themselves back on home court, but were given a real scare here two weeks ago when they just held off the Wildcats in overtime to take game one.