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Adams returns to where it all began

Published: 8:48PM Sunday June 08, 2014 Source: ONE News

Steven Adams has returned to where it all began - mixing it with young basketball talent in Wellington today.

The Oklahoma City Thunder NBA rookie sensation is an inspiration for young players wanting a career in the home of the game.

Not many world class athletes consider the humble pie a super food, but some of Steven Adams' NBA teammates may come here if the 20 year old can convince them first to get over the flight time to travel here.

And secondly, to get on board with a mince and cheese pie.

"I tried to explain pies to them and they were weirded out about it, like why would you be weirded out about pies bro i don't know, joked Adams.

"You gotta get them over here mate, thats what I mean, bring them over and have a munch."

Adams has been happy to spend some of his few weeks holiday mixing it with the New Zealand Basketball Academy - where he cut his teeth as a teenager.

The cream of the crop amongst these 16 and 17-year-olds were lapping up today's session, training with an NBA star fresh out of playing in the Western Conference Finals.

"It's a little bit intimidating, he's such a big unit, but i got a couple of points on him, so I'm happy with that," said 16-year-old academy member Jackson Stent.

17-year-old academy member Courtney Keech said it was quite nerve wracking knowing that he started out like us and has now made it to the big time, but that is really exciting.

But it has been exciting for more than just the players, Adams being a big fan of the potential in the academy.

"I'm truly satisfied, said Adams.

"What we try to do is produce not one, but as many Kiwis as possible to get that opportunity you know.

"Not all of them going to make it to the NBA, but the door is open now so the only thing we're trying to do is give them a little opportunity,"

Despite his hectic schedule and residence in the States, Adams has also managed to stay in touch with the oval ball game and last nights All Blacks nailbiter.

"One of my mates was going for England, so we were talking trash, but like that was actually a close one," joked adams.

Adams has confirmed that he won't play for the Tall Blacks at the Basketball World Cup in Spain next month.

In a move that was widely expected, Adams has instead opted to stay in the States and play in the NBA summer league to best continue his development.