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Bad Girls

Sheena Williams (Laura Rogers)

Sheena has been given five years for repeated possession of drugs and shoplifting although due for early release.

She has a son, Dylan to her ex-boyfriend Brendan, also an addict for whom she stashed gear and who was perfectly happy to allow her to take the rap.

Sheena is street-wise and strong. Shes made quite a few mistakes in the past but has been determined to sort herself out in the face of all that has gone against her in her childhood. Her father was a skipper who was never there and when he was he slapped her mother around. Her mother had four children and eventually suffered a breakdown, leaving Sheena to hold the fort for a while. Sheenas only option was to live on the wrong side of the law.

There is something cynical about her nature but now shes a mother whos been straight for a while she has a new purpose in life - to give her little one the comfort and hope that she never had. Nobody has ever really put themselves out for Sheena and perhaps Dis offer to help her out floors her a bit at first. She thinks perhaps her lot in life is turning round a corner, however, she quickly realises that trusting anyone to sort things but herself is not her game and regrets her decision about Di quite quickly. Sheena makes a friend in Pat Kerrigan while on G Wing. Will this friendship be her salvation?