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Bad Girls

S8 - Episode 1 - Recap

New Deputy Governor Lou Stoke (Amanda Donohoe) arrives for her first day at Larkhall reeking of booze and worse for wear - she's come straight from a strip club. Governor Joy Masterton (Ellie Haddington) is shocked and disgusted at her new deputy's appearance and lack of professionalism.

Meanwhile, a raid on a suspected terrorist cell results in a new inmate at Larkhall, Emira Al Jahani (Laura Dos Santos). Emira is the wife of supposed terrorist bomber, Hassan Al Jahani (Conor Alexander), and is immediately treated with contempt from the girls on G Wing. Emira is believed to know the movements of her husband who has fled without a trace. Could this woman be part of her husband's radical plans?

Newly transferred Prison Officer Donny Kimber (Sid Owen), is eager to get involved with G Wing straight away and volunteers to be Emira's personal officer. But is there more to Donny than meets the eye?

Evil Natalie Buxton (Dannielle Brent) wastes no time in visiting Emira and is intrigued to learn she is a chemistry student. Before long Natalie has bullied Emira into constructing a secret mini laboratory to concoct drugs under the noses of the guards. But Natalie's plan backfires when the two Julies discover the mysterious potion and jump to the conclusion Emira intends to poison the wing. The rumour is fuelled when a sudden illness strikes down the inmates. Could it be poison? The signs seem there, particularly when both Bev (Amanda Barrie) and Tina (Victoria Bush) collapse for no reason. But the matter turns more serious when an inmate and Wing Governor Neil Grayling (James Gaddas) are found dead. The rumour of a chemical attack now looks like a reality.

As the Emergency Services are called in to deal with the epidemic, Lou struggles to regain control over the panicking prison. She is pleasantly surprised when usual rebel Pat Kerrigan (Liz May Brice) steps in to show her support - neither of them believe the gentle Emira is behind the deaths - but who is?

Old boot Sylvia Hollamby (Helen Fraser) has had enough, she's not hanging around to get poisoned, and leads the other guards in a walk out. The inmates decide to do the same but once outside are surrounded by the police and are forced back inside. Which leaves trapped inmate Phyl (Stephanie Beacham) with little option - her sick friend Bev will die without emergency assistance, but will Phyl risk her own life trying to save Bev's?