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Bad Girls

S7 - Episode 8 - Recap

Di is excited that Jim is about to finish his counselling as this means that they can have sex again. Jim feels humiliated when Neil decides to take the morning meeting. Neil introduces Kevin Spiers to the officers. Jim objects to Neil's plan to keep Arun on the wing. Di points out that Arun won't last long in a man's prison. Arun doesn't want to go back on the wing but Jim forces her. The women are furious when Arun returns. Jim and Neil do Pat's adjudication but she is unrepentant about taking Sister Thomas hostage. Jim is angry when Neil gives her a light punishment. Jim sets off for his 'counselling' and Di follows him, Natalie restrains Janine and Darlene from attacking Arun. She tells them that they will get a go at her later. Di is puzzled when she follows Jim to a urology clinic. She confronts him when he emerges.

Di is devastated when Jim tells her that he is infertile. The women give Pat a hero's welcome when she returns from the block. Natalie pretends to be Arun's friend then spits in her food. Darlene joins in with the bullying but Pat intervenes. Natalie warns Neil that the women will go on strike unless Arun is removed. Neil puts everyone who objects to Arun on cellular confinement. Kevin suggests that he talk to the women and sort it all out. Julie S offers Arun her support but Julie J is still prejudiced towards her. Arun thanks Pat for standing up for her. The Julies tell Pat about Jim murdering Yvonne. They ask her to be 'Top Dog' but she refuses.

Jim pretends to console Di but is worried when she announces that they can adopt instead. Kevin suggests to the women that they keep a diary of their grievances about Arun. Neil is impressed by Kevin's handling of the Arun situation. Kevin tells Jim that Neil handled the situation badly. Natalie encourages the women to write lies about Arun. Pat reminds the women that Natalie is inside for trafficking girls. Natalie protests her innocence but vows to get the better of Pat.  Di is excited when she gets an appointment with an adoption agency but Jim is less than enthusiastic.

Janine makes up outrageous stories about Arun's behaviour towards her. Arun complains to Kevin about the diaries. Jim and Di meet Bob Webster at the adoption agency. Kevin collects up the women's diaries. Jim gives answers to Bob's questions that he knows will ruin their chances of adopting. Neil reads the women's diaries and wonders if they are really telling the truth about Arun. Kevin encourages him to move Arun out. Di is furious with Jim for deliberately sabotaging the interview. Arun is devastated when Neil tells her that he has to transfer her to a men's prison.

Di loiters on the Mother and Baby unit. She comes across an unsupervised crying baby and picks him up. Sheena returns to find Di comforting her baby, Dylan. When Sheena tells Di that she is going to have to give Dylan up as he is nine months old Di gets an idea. She tells her that she has just found out that she can't have children. When Pat stands up for Arun again Natalie challenges her to a fight but Pat refuses. She then finds Arun trying to make a rope to hang herself but stops her. Pat decides to fight Natalie and says that if she wins the women will have to retract their damaging statements about Arun and let her stay on the wing. Natalie agrees as she is confident of beating Pat. She orders the Julies to referee.

Later that evening, the women gather in the gym for the fight. The fight begins and Natalie is easily beating Pat. Di proposes to Sheena that she look after Dylan when Sheena returns to the wing. She tells Sheena that the alternative is that Dylan will be taken into care and then she will never see him. The fight continues but Pat starts to get the upper hand then knocks Natalie out cold. Di checks Sheena's file and learns that she has kicked her drug habit. Arun thanks Pat for fighting for her. Sheena reluctantly agrees to let Di have Dylan. Di promises that she will be able to see him every day. Natalie asks Pat to be friends but Pat warns her to keep out of her way. Natalie then tries to get Pat on side by kissing her but Pat sees through her and throws her out of her cell. Natalie vows to get revenge and tells Janine that she's got to help her. Jim is gob-smacked when Di announces that they are going to look after Dylan.