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Bad Girls

S7 - Episode 13 - Recap

The sweatbox arrives at Larkhall with a new prisoner, Miranda Miles. The weather is getting increasingly grim, despite a positive report from Michael Fish. Christy helps Joy get into her fancy dress for Christmas Eve. Joy tells her how much she loves Christmas and they seem very close. Julie J emerges from the same sweatbox that brought Miranda Miles in. Vicky and Sylvia chat about their Christmas plans. Sylvia processes the new intake.  She is surprised to see Julie J return from the mental hospital where she has been the past few months. Julie J looks shifty when Sylvia searches her belongings but nothing is found. She is horrified when she thinks she spots Jim Fenner. 

Tina, Darlene and Janine rehearse their lines for the pantomime while Arun prompts them. Natalie tries to tease Darlene but her grip on power has slipped and Arun retaliates. Sylvia is puzzled when she can't find any papers for Miranda. Miranda is unable to give her any answers.  Kevin brings a Christmas tree onto the wing, then he gives Bev and Phyl a hamper that a friend has sent them. He tells them that the booze has been confiscated but they don't seem too disappointed. Sheena hides a mystery letter from Pat. Sheena is annoyed when Pat refuses to go to the carol singing with her. Neil listens to the weather report with a heavy heart. It is reporting the worst snow storm in year, which is causing chaos around the country. Neil's mobile suddenly stops working then the land lines go down. Sylvia tells him about Miranda, the mystery prisoner.

Bev and Phyl munch on the fruit in their hamper. Their friend has injected them with spirits. Neil tells Joy about Miranda. She tells him to put her on G Wing until they can get in touch with the security company. Julie S is delighted to see Julie J return. Joy orders the women to attend the carol service. Julie J tells Julie S that she has been given the all clear but she is still seeing the ghost of Fenner on the wing.

Julie S is worried about Julie J's state of mind when she tells her that she has seen Fenner. She warns her that she better get a grip or she will be sent back to the mental hospital. Di gets excited when she sees that Julie J is back as it means that she is now fit to plead guilty to Jim's murder. Natalie pays Miranda a visit and soon realises that she is not all there. Kevin drags Natalie off for a sex session in the chapel. Christy catches Kevin and Natalie together in the chapel. She warns him that she will be speaking to Joy about it. The carol service gets underway as the weather worsens.

A thunderstorm puts the power out throughout the prison. Joy is unable to get an electrician in so Neil suggests that Phyl could take a look at it. Joy orders Sylvia to escort Phyl to the emergency generator. The carols continue with Arun singing a solo. Di begins to put the pressure on Julie J to repeat her confession about killing Jim. Sylvia faints when she sees a rat in the generator room. She falls against the door shutting Phyl inside.

Julie J goes into her cell to get a  jumper and sees Jin's ghost again. Miranda suddenly says that she can see him too. The women start to get frightened and Neil can't calm them down. Phyl gets to work on the generator. Christy announces to Joy that she thinks the women are scared as there is an evil presence on G wing. She asks permission to perform an exorcism. Miranda starts to speak to an unseen presence. Darlene adds to the women's fears by telling them stories from Haiti about the undead. Tina encourages Bev as a medium to try and talk to Jim. Julie J sees Jim again and freaks out. Miranda also seems to see him. Phyl gets the generator working and wakes up Sylvia. They return to the wing. Joy tells the women that they will be put on lock-down unless they calm down. She reluctantly gives Christy permission to perform the exorcism.

Neil tells Joy that he thinks the exorcism is a very bad idea but Joy feels it is the only way to prevent a riot.  Christy begins the exorcism but is interrupted by Miranda shouting. She bites herself, fills her mouth with blood then spits at Christy but Christy continues. The exorcism seems to work as Miranda collapses in a  faint. Neil puts her back in her cell. Christy leaves her large wooden cross in the cell but Neil says that the door must be left open according to Joy's orders. Christy tries to talk to Joy about Kevin and Natalie but Joy says it must wait till later as she wants to get the women outside while there's a break in the weather. Di keeps trying to talk to Julie J about Jim's murder but to no avail. Natalie tells Kevin that she can stop Christy talking about what she saw if he will agree to get Pat shipped out.

The women enjoy a snowball fight in the garden. Even Pat joins in. Natalie persuades a still disturbed Miranda to get rid of Christy and gives her a knife. She tells her that Christy is in the showers. While the women frolic in the snow Christy is brutally stabbed to death under the shower. Julie J asks Julie S whether she really did kill Jim but Julie S reassures her that Di is talking nonsense. Sylvia finds Christy's dead body and start screaming. Julie J sees Jim's ghost again and suddenly produces a knife. She thinks she is stabbing him but plunges the knife into her own stomach.

Julie J is rushed to the hospital wing as Sylvia appears on the wing and announces that Christy has been murdered. Joy and Kevin rush to the showers and find the body. joy blames herself for letting the exorcism go ahead but Kevin knows that Natalie is behind the death. Vicky suddenly appears to tell them that the killer has been found and it's Miranda. The doctor struggle to save Julie J. Kevin confronts Natalie about Christy's death. She warns him that he better sort out Pat or else. Julie S tells the doctor that Julie J had been seeing Jim's ghost. They realise that Julie J had stopped taking her medication. Julie S searches their cell and finds the pills that Julie J was supposed to be taking. Julie J has stabilised and admits that she stopped taking the pills because they made her put on weight. 

The following day, the weather calms down and Miranda is taken away. Neil tells Joy about Miranda's history and it is revealed that she should have been sent to a secure psychiatric unit not Larkhall. Sheena wakes Pat by showing her the mystery letter. It is about registering their partnership officially. Pat is over-joyed when she also asks her to be Dylan's guardian. The pantomime finally takes place and it goes down a storm.