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Bad Girls

S7 - Episode 10 - Recap

Kevin is amused when Jim arrives at work with 'Die Bastard' scratched into his car. Julie S prepares the poisoned wicks to kill Jim but Julie J is worried about her obsession with getting revenge for Yvonne. Julie S explains her plan to kill Jim in the hanging cell. She asks Di if they can hold a memorial for Yvonne. Di goes to ask Neil about it but he doesn't care as he is about to be sacked. Jim warns Di that she'll have to pay for damaging his car but she denies doing it. Julie J worries that Julie S is being indiscreet about her plans.

Bev is up in court with Sylvia as a character witness. She is forced to enter a guilty plea. Pat comes to Arun's defence when Janine teases her. She tells Sheena that she is worried that Arun will be bullied in the 4-bed dorm. Di announces that a memorial for Yvonne is being held and that there will be a shrine in the execution block, The women kick off when Di describes Yvonne's death in graphic detail. Jim can't control them and tells Di that he's going to get her transferred. Neil faces an inquiry about Bev and Phyl's escape. Mr Fergus blames Neil for the breakout and suspends him. Phyl is still on the run in Spain. Jim won't let Arun and Sheena swap cells when he learns that Kevin okayed it without consulting him. When Pat challenges him he physically threatens her and stops Sheena seeing her son. Bev returns to Larkhall. In Spain, Phyl sells the diamonds but doesn't get a good price. She insults the clerk thinking that he doesn't speak English. Sheena is distraught about not seeing Dylan.

Julie S puts her poisoned wicks into the candles that they will use in the shrine. Sylvia visits Derek and learns that she now has crippling debts. Jim gloats about Neil's suspension so Neil punches him but Jim beats him up. Kevin encourages Neil to make a complaint about Jim but Neil says that he'll find his own back in another way. Pat smuggles a piece of bamboo from the garden back inside. Di clocks it but says nothing. Julie S pretends to Jim that the women are going to stage a protest in the hanging cell because Di has told them that Jim murdered Yvonne. She claims that she's telling him because she doesn't want Yvonne's memorial ruined. Jim briefs Vicky about security in the shrine. He orders that only two women will be allowed in at one time.

Natalie blames Bev for ruining her own escape and bites her arm. Jim hears Bev's screams and goes to investigate. He puts Natalie back on basic and warns her that he will get her shipped out if there's any more trouble. Bev is touched by Tina's kindness to her. Sheena drops hints that she has feelings for Pat. Julie S makes an emotional call to her son. Natalie declares that Jim will pay for putting her back on basic. Jim is delighted when he is told that he will be governing governor.

Di is shocked by Sylvia's vehemence against Malcolm. Natalie flirts with Kevin. Di and Sylvia talk about their rotten husbands. Sylvia proposes that Di become her flat-mate. Di encourages Sylvia to sell her engagement ring but Sylvia soon finds out that it's worthless. Jim delights in telling Neil that he's got his job. Neil arranges a drinks party to say goodbye and calls Sylvia's son, Bobby Darren. Jim asks Sylvia to be principal officer but she refuses. Kevin asks for the job but Jim knocks him back and they argue. Janine and Darlene start plotting using something they've found in the garden. Sheena tries to get close to Pat again but she rebuffs her. Arun tells Pat that she shouldn't push Sheena away. Sylvia is surprised to see Bobby Darren at Larkhall.

Vicky accompanies the Julies to the hanging cell to set up the shrine. When Julie S sees scratches on the wall it brings home what an awful death Yvonne must have had and she is even more determined  to finish Jim off. Janine and Darlene make poisoned darts. Neil spikes one of the drinks he is going to serve at his drinks party. Natalie continues to flirt with Kevin and tells him that she can help him get one over on Jim. Pat finally admits that she's in love with Sheena. Sylvia gives Bev some booze to thank her for Spain. When Bev tries to blackmail her she reminds her that she can tell the Police that Phyl killed Malcolm.

In Spain, Phyl flirts with a barman, Natalie gets Kevin to steal Di's mobile to send a text about getting a hit man to kill Jim. Bobby Darren gives Jim the cold shoulder at Neil's party. The women are escorted to the hanging cell. Jim tells Sylvia that Bobby Darren is gay but she refuses to let him get to her.  Pat and Sheena kiss. Jim arrives at the hanging cell to supervise the visits. He is already feeling woozy after the drink Neil gives him. The clerk brings the police to the bar where Phyl is. The women file into Yvonne's shrine two by two. Sylvia asks Bobby Darren for money and ignores the fact that he's gay. Jim has fallen asleep in the hanging cell. Darlene and Janine fire the poisoned dart at Jim. Sheena realises that Pat has a sharp stick with her.

Neil wants to have sex with Bobby Darren on his desk. Kevin escorts Pat and Sheena back from the hanging cell, leaving Jim alone in the cell. The new chaplain, Christy, starts the memorial service. Julie S plays Yvonne's favourite song on a stereo. Neil and Bobby Darren have sex on Neil's desk. Julie S gives an emotive speech about Yvonne and the women kick off. Jim slumps unconscious in the hanging cell, drugged by the poisoned candle fumes. Christy calms the women down with a prayer. Jim wakes up when he falls over. He is trying to drag himself out of the cell when someone appears. Jim thinks he is going to be helped but instead is stabbed in the neck and killed.