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Bad Girls

S6 - Episode 9 - Recap

In a letter to Wing Governor Frances Myers, Colin Hedges announces that he is "taking a break from Larkhall". He also thanks Myers for tearing up his resignation.

At the morning's staff meeting, Myers says that prisoners Bev Tull and Phyl Oswyn are still sick with suspected poisoning. "It seems unlikely that there will be any charges brought," says Myers, talking of the rash of poisonings in the G-Wing. She says that any rhubarb found on the G-Wing is to be "burnt on site".

On her return to the G-Wing, prison guard Selena Geeson goes to see her inmate girlfriend Kris Yates in her cell. The couple hug. "It felt like you were never coming back," gushes Kris. "Did you find her?" asks Kris, speaking of her sister. "You wouldn't believe it&" starts Selena before she is interrupted by Frances Myers coming through the cell door. "Selena, can I have a word?" asks Myers, beckoning her out of the cell.

"Its good to have you back," Myers says to Geeson as they walk through the corridors of Larkhall. "You're a very valuable member of the team." "I just get on and do the job," replies Geeson. "Have you heard of the intensive development scheme?" asks Myers, talking of the management training programme. "I want to put you forward for it - think about it."

Julie J, whose hopeless crush on Colin Hedges is deepening, asks Frances Myers where her Elvis-imitating object of affection has disappeared to. "Let's just say Mr Hedges is cleaning up his act," Myers says to Julie.

Meanwhile, Natalie Buxton makes an advance on Kris Yates in the dining area. "Whatever has been going on between us; let's just knock it on the head," Kris says to Natalie.

Later, Kris and Selena meet secretly in the prison library. "I've found Milly...I brought her home," says Selena, speaking of Kris's sister - the woman who is responsible for killing Kris and Milly's abusive father. "She's going to sign a sworn affidavit admitting she killed your dad - She's going to tell the truth, Kris. We're going to going to get you out of here."

Governor Neil Grayling receives a nasty surprise from Jim Fenner in the post. "Fenner is taking me to tribunal," Grayling says to Frances Myers. "They're trying to make me out as some kind of sex monster," says Grayling to Myers after reading out the written list of his misdemeanours sent by Fenner. "None of this is true though, is it?" asks Myers. "Not the way they've described it," replies Fenner.

Later, Jim Fenner is called to Grayling's office. "I contacted an arbiter who's been through the mediation process with me, and I've decided to cooperate," says Grayling. "The same bloke rang me, and I told him exactly what he can do with his mediation. I'm going for the full-on public crucifixion. I might even invite a couple of tabloid hacks around as well," says Fenner.

In their cell, Julie J is still gushing to Julie S about her love for Colin Hedges. Julie S snaps suddenly: "The world does not begin and end with Colin flaming Hedges." Julie J then realises that her best friend is about to get her cancer test results back. "I'm so sorry," says Julie J. "I'm scared bloody shitless, and you were too loved up to notice."

Selena Geeson and Kris Yates continue talking in the yard. "I'm thinking of staying on - sticking with the job," admits Geeson. "No way are you coming home with the stink of this place on you," replies Kris. Natalie Buxton strolls up and interrupts their conversation. "So who's visiting? Anyone I should be worried about?" asks Natalie. "Since when has she become your best friend?" asks Selena.

At the hospital, Julie S is told that all of her blood tests have come back negative for cancer. "All the tests indicate that there has been no tumour re-growth," the doctor tells Julie.

Back at Larkhall, Di Barker sees Neil Grayling carrying a folder of notes. "Is that your resignation?" she asks. "This will be going direct to area - to set the record straight on your evil contribution to Fenner's dossier. The things you did to me while we were married; gouging 'queer' into my desk and spraying 'poof' all over the car. I'm sure the tribunal will be fascinated to hear all about your homophobic hate campaign," says Grayling. "Hate campaign?" asks Fenner, who had been eavesdropping.

Di Barker drives an irate Fenner home. "Of course he's going to win with that bombshell up his sleeve!" Fenner shouts at Barker. "He's driving a wedge between us," replies Barker. She grabs a trophy from the shelf and smashes Fenner in the head. He falls to the ground as she continuously hits him with the blunt object. "Di, please don't...get of me, please," he moans.

Later, when they have made up, Fenner and Barker hatch a plan to further incriminate Governor Grayling. They decide to "set a little trap" using a man from "works" that Grayling "fancies".

The next morning, guard Sylvia Hollamby returns to the G-Wing from her racism course.

Meanwhile, Julie S tells Julie J that she saw Frances Myers "snogging" Colin Hedges. Tears swell up around Julie J's eyes. "He wasn't right for you anyway - he's a bleeding screw," says Julie S, trying to comfort her best friend.

At the morning's staff meeting, Wing Governor Myers welcomes Sylvia Hollamby back to work. "I hope from now on you will be taking steps to counter racism in Larkhall," says Myers. "You can count on me," replies Hollamby. She is then sent to unlock Darlene Cake. Selena Geeson picks up newspaper and says: "Have any of you seen this? Kris Yates' little sister has come forward; sworn on affidavit. It seems she killed the father, not Kris."

"I think you'll find I'm a very different woman to the one who walked out of here two weeks ago," Hollamby tells Darlene. "I was wrong to speak to you in the manner I did."

Selena Geeson bursts into Kris's cell and shows her the newspaper article about Milly. "We're on our way, Kris," says Geeson. "You're like all three Charlie's Angels rolled into one," says Kris.

Kris and her sister meet for the first time. "It's wrong that you're locked up - I want to do it," Milly says to her older sister. "Selena said there's no way I'm going to be locked up."

Meanwhile, Jim Fenner goes to see Stuart, a member of the Larkhall works team, who is working on a light socket. "Have you done the business on Grayling yet?" asks Fenner. Stuart says he has not had the chance. "I bet you had the chance to spend my thousand quid though...nail Grayling by the end of today or I'll be back for a full refund - with interest."

Later, Neil Grayling walks up to Stuart and asks: "Everything okay?" "Fine sir", Stuart replies, "I need a, er, leek". Grayling follows Stuart into the bathroom and stands by him at the urinal. Stuart unzips his fly and Grayling smiles and looks down. When a guard comes out of the cubical, Stuart shouts: "Get off me you pervert!" "What's up, mate?" asks the guard. "He just tried to grab hold of my knob," says Stuart, pointing at Grayling.

Jenkins, the guard who witnessed the Grayling incident, reports it to Wing Governor Myers. "He was definitely up close and personal," admits the guard. "Right, leave it with me," says Myers.

In the yard, Natalie Buxton tells Selena Geeson that Kris has been saying she knew her outside of prison. "I knew she was lying, like all this stuff with her sister. Nobody believes her," says Natalie. "Actually, it's not a lie," replies Geeson. "What, the murder charge or you and her?" Geeson is silent. Natalie smiles, "Oh, so you were friends then?" "It's none of your business."

"I was set up," Neil Grayling says to Frances Myers. "He tried it on, but I didn't do anything in those toilets," he says. "Neil, you know I'm on your side&but I'm starting to have my doubts," says Myers.

Kris Yates and Selena Geeson talk as they walk through the hallways of the G-Wing. "What the bloody hell have you been saying to Natalie Buxton?" asks Geeson. "I didn't say anything," replies Kris. Natalie walks up to them. "Having a lover's tiff?" she asks. "Don't you remember? In your cell, when you had your hands in between my legs? You said I was the best you'd ever had."

In the privacy of Kris's cell, Geeson asks, "Its true, isn't it?" "Not in the way that she said," says Kris defensively. "But you have slept with her, haven't you?" To this, Kris remains silent.