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Bad Girls

S6 - Episode 2 - Recap

Staff gather outside Larkhall as police arrive at the prison's G-Wing to investigate the death of inmate Yvonne Atkins. "I'm scared for Colin Hedges, to tell you the truth," Jim Fenner says to Officer Hollamby. "We all know something was going on between him and Atkins, who knows what could have happened."

Julie Saunders and Julie Johnston are in their cell; both are mourning the death of Yvonne Atkins. Julie S is distraught, and seems to have given up her will to fight breast cancer. "I'd happy give up my one good boob if it brought Yvonne back," she chokes, sobbing uncontrollably. Julie J consoles her, saying that she will take a card down to the place where Yvonne died. Jim Fenner comes into the cell to take Julie away for questioning. "We're going to find out exactly what happened to Yvonne, sir" Julie S says to Fenner.

At the morning's staff meeting, the newly-appointed wing governor, Frances Myers, tells the staff about the continuing police investigation into Yvonne's death. "They want statements from all of G-Wing's staff," Myers asserts. "It's about time I introduced myself to the wing," she continues. "I've been looking forward to this all night," says Jim Fenner.

Selena Geeson quickly meets with Kris as the staff unlock the cells. Kris proposes that they expose Fenner's responsibility for the death of Yvonne. "How will explain what you were doing down in the execution block, exactly? Geeson asks Kris. The subject then moves onto the issue of Kris's sister, Milly. "She understands that by coming clean she could go to prison," says Geeson. She is, however, "up for it", says Geeson.

Meanwhile, Phyl Oswyn is hatching a plan to take advantage of the prisoners' misery - sell more drugs. "I've got a hunch some pick-me-ups are in order," she says cunningly to Al McKenzie. Al admits to Phyl that drug supplies in the prison have almost run dry and that "restocking" might be "a way off". Phyl advises Al to start taking more orders nonetheless.

Frances arrives insisting that she will introduce herself to the prisoners. She walks confidently into the kitchen; the prisoner's mouths drop when they see her. "For those of you who don't know, my name is France Myers - and I'm your new wing governor," she announces to the shocked prisoners. "I went undercover to put away a woman accused of trading in sex slaves, some of them as young as twelve," she explains. She says that, as a prisoner, she was shocked by the way things work at the G-Wing. "There's only going to be one bastard screw from now on and you're looking at her," she snaps. Governor Grayling steps in to tell the inmates that the police will be investigating Yvonne's death.

New inmate Darlene Cake is being inducted into the G-Wing by Officer Colin Hedges and a female officer. As the woman looks through Darlene's belongings, the imposing Jamaican stands up and says in her thick accent: "Are you going to go through and have a look at everything? Here, let me help you with that." Colin Hedges stands up and restrains her. "What kind of job is this for you then, sister?" Darlene asks the black officer.

Back in the kitchen, the inmates are speculating the cause of Yvonne's death in the presence of Colin Hedges. "I heard she got locked in on purpose," says Kris, walking up to Hedges. "Do you know anything about that sir?" she asks. "Keep it shut, Yates," replies Hedges. "Rumours like that don't help anyone." Kris's statement, however, triggers gossip from the inmates and they jump straight to the conclusion that Fenner is the culprit.

As Darlene is inducted, she is asked what religion she belongs to. To this, she replies: "Me a Rastafarian". The prison officer informs an irate Darlene that Rastafarianism is not prison-recognised religion. Darlene continues: "I have to take ganja&its part of my spiritual belief."  The prison officer declines this request: "There will be no cannabis, but you may retain dreads, wear suitable headgear and keep your stereo," she says.    

As he walks through the prison hallways, Fenner is antagonised by the prisoners - "murderer", "killer", they yell at him from all directions. He spins around in fear, yelling: "I'm warning the lot of you, shut it!" Soon it turns into a chant: "killer, killer, killer." Fenner's head begins spinning.

Frances Myers subsequently marches through the halls and calls a prison lock-up. During the lock-up, Fenner walks into Kris's cell and violently pushes her against the wall. "This is all down to you isn't it?" he says. Later, Jim Fenner runs into Frances Myers, who informs him that he is the first to be interviewed by the police. "You seem to be at the top of everyone's list," says Myers.

Hollamby takes Darlene to her new cell, where she is introduced to her new cellmates, Al Mckenzie and Tina O'Kane. Darlene walks in and immediately proceeds to tear the paintings off the wall beside her bunk - "They make my eyes hurt," she says. "I don't want dem tings on the wall."

Meanwhile, Jim Fenner is being interviewed by the detective. "We didn't get on," Fenner says of his relationship with Yvonne. "But I'm not paid to love the prisoners, just lock them up." Later, during Di Barker's interview, she reveals to the detective that Colin Hedges "took a shine" to Yvonne. She implies that a relationship took place between Yvonne and the officer, and this could be the reason for her death. In his interview, Colin Hedges is confronted about the relationship. "I liked her," says Hedges. He reveals that the reason he was lying on the bathroom floor on the day of Yvonne's escape, was because Fenner attacked him (not Yvonne).

When Darlene is left alone in her cell, she removes three concealed condoms of hash, which she puts in her pillowslip.

The detective gives Frances Myers and Governor Grayling on his operation so far. He tells them that, because of conflicting information, he would like to talk both Fenner and Hedges. He says that he is "almost certain" that one of them is hiding something.
"I won't be surprised if one of your officers is implicated."

Rummaging through Darlene's personal belongings, Al comes across the hidden drugs. Darlene, who sneaks into the room, catches Al in the act. "What you have there belongs to me!" yells Darlene. As this happens, Phyl Oswyn walks into the cell and introduces herself as "someone used to things going her way round here". Threatening to tell an officer about the stash, Phyl persuades Darlene to make a deal with her: Darlene can use Phyl's secret hiding place in return for a "slight cut" of the drugs. Darlene hides her drugs behind the mirror in Phyl's cell.

Jim Fenner is called back for a second interview with the detective. He is grilled for a second time, and begins to break down under the stress. "Oh come off it, I didn't kill for god's sake." The detective tells Fenner that Hedges claimed that Fenner, not Yvonne, attacked him. The conversation is interrupted by a phone call. On the phone, the detective is told that a set of keys (which were actually dropped by Kris) were found down a grated drain in the hanging cells. This means that Fenner is of the hook. Fenner tells the news to Hedges, who is visually disappointed, and also reminds him of his spiralling heroin habit.   

Al begins taking drug orders in the prison yard. "Any of you fancy a bit of something for later?" she asks.

At Darlene's induction meeting with Frances Myers, the reason for her arrest is revealed - she attacked a woman with a broken pint glass because the she "disrespected" her.

A distraught Colin Hedges makes his way to the hanging room under the G-wing (where Yvonne died) and casts his eyes over the hanging rope. Julie J, who is delivering a card for Yvonne to the scene of her death, is heading in the same direction. Julie walks through shadowy darkness to see the frame of Hedges hanging from the roof - he is gagging and gasping for air. She rushes toward him, holds him up and pushes a table under his feat. He hugs Julie, sobs, and rests his head on her shoulder.

The detective informs Frances Myers and Governor Grayling that the case is closed. Myers is incredulous: "Oh come on, someone locked her in there," she says. In contrast, Grayling is all too happy to put the mess behind him. As the detective is leaving he says, "Oh, about principal officer Fenner; something's not right, just an observation."

While he is being consoled in the hanging room, Colin Hedges professes his love for Yvonne to Julie. He pleads with her to not tell anyone about his confession.

In the television room, Selena Geeson tells Kris that she has organised a high profile lawyer to represent her sister, Milly. "He's scary," she says, "I wouldn't want to face him." When Geeson leaves with Hedges for a drink, Al and Phyl discuss business. "Everyone wants to get out of it," says Al. "Who are we to refuse them," replies Phyl.

Phyl returns to her cell with some heroin for her friend, Bev, whose face is pale and sagging. Bev desperately takes hold of the small bag and fiendishly eyes it up. "Don't take it all at once," advises Phyl.

At the pub, Colin Hedges and Selena Geeson are sitting in a different area to Jim Fenner and Di Barker. The barman is using a sharpener that makes a grinding noise -reminding Jim of Yvonne's bloody fingernails scraping against solid stone. He begins sweating and panting - "Cut it out will you?" he asks the barman. The noise continues and so does Fenner's flashback. He stands up, takes hold of an ashtray and throws it at the barman's head. It narrowly misses and smashes into a liquor bottle. "You're barred!" yells the barman.

At the prison, most of the inmates are fast asleep. Phyl, however, is tending to her "gluttonous" friend, Bev, who is suffering from a heroin overdose. "Damn it." She yells as she splashes water on Bev's face. Eventually, she has no other option but to call for help. "I'm dying," complains Bev. "If you've blown it for me, I'm going to finish you of myself," replies Phyl. Frances Myers rushes to the cell and calls for the medics.

Myers walks through the G-Wing to see that many of the inmates are "off their faces". She orders the search of the entire wing to, which is unsuccessful. When Bev is being taken away, a frustrated Myers slaps Phyl in the face and says: "If she dies, it's on your head." Phyl is then taken to solitary confinement.