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Bad Girls

S6 - Episode 11 - Recap

Jim Fenner's proof of Selena Geeson and Kris Yates's relationship outside of prison is delivered to Frances Myers. The photocopied electoral role saying that the couple lived together is placed upon Myers' desk.
Meanwhile, Kris Yates's sister Milly is growing increasingly nervous about admitting to the murder of her father. "You can stop being such a selfish coward...if you don't tell the truth, I'll never forgive you," Selena Geeson says to the 15-year-old.

At the morning's G-Wing meeting, Di Barker hands out invitations to her and Fenner's wedding. At the end of the meeting, Wing Governor Myers approaches Geeson. "My office - eleven o'clock sharp," Myers says sternly.

Geeson promptly goes to see Kris Yates, who is in solitary confinement. Kris says she thinks Myers suspects something about her and Geeson. "They can't prove anything though, can they?"

Frances Myers goes to see doctor Nicholson, inquiring about the health of Bev Tull and Phyl Oswyn. Doctor Nicholson takes her to see them. "I want some answers about Alison McKenzie's death," Myers says to the women. Myers asks them if they know anything about Natalie Buxton's involvement. The women say they want "protection privileges" in return for information. Myers checks the women out of the hospital wing.

In a café, private investigator Rob Skelton tells Neil Grayling and Karen Bets that he is looking further into Karen's hit-and-run case. He says that he is tracking down CCTV footage of Karen's car. 

Selena Geeson goes to Frances Myers' office. "I think there are a few things I'd better come clean about before you start," Geeson says to Myers. She tells Myers that she and Kris Yates used to live together. Myers says that she will still send Geeson on the intensive development course, and that she is not to see Kris. "If anybody asks, you told me months ago that you and Yates were roomies," Myers says to Geeson. 

Meanwhile, Jim Fenner takes a magazine to Natalie Buxton, who is also in solitary confinement. "Geeson is getting a grilling from Myers as we speak," Fenner says to Natalie.

Tina O'Kane, who is about to be released from prison, begins to worry about what she will do in the outside world.

Sylvia Hollamby invites Doctor Nicholson to go with her to Jim Fenner and Di Barker's wedding. Nicholson rejects her, saying that he may have "double-booked". Later, Hollamby finds out that Dr Nicholson is actually going to be the best man for the wedding.

Returning to her flat, Selena Geeson sees a gathering of policemen by the river outside her building. The police fish Milly's red jacket out of the water.

A hysterical Geeson tells France Myers that Milly Yates has killed herself. Myers insists that Kris Yates be "ghosted" out of the prison immediately. "I've got to be with her," says Geeson. "If people are the hell are you going to play it cool under these circumstances?" says Myers.

Myers takes Geeson to an interview room to tell Kris Yates about the demise of her little sister. "Milly's dead," says Geeson. Kris lets out a wail that echoes through Larkhall. She's begins to blame Geeson for the suicide. "She is all I had, you selfish bitch!" Kris screams at Geeson. "I'm sorry," whimpers Geeson.

In the dining area, Phyl Oswyn and Bev Tull continue their plotting to incriminate Natalie Buxton. "Myers is after Buxton's arse even more than ours," says Phyl. "We have to set a trap - let Buxton incriminate herself."

Rob Skelton reports to Neil Grayling and Karen Bets, telling them that all witnesses are identifying Karen as the offending driver. "It certainly looks like you on the CCTV footage...all the evidence adds up. That's all I can do for you," says Skelton.

Selena Geeson sees Kris Yates for the last time before she is ghosted away. "I'm still fighting for you," says Kris. "We've got Milly's affidavit." "I have no hope...get out of my sight. I hate you," spits Kris.

Meanwhile, Tina O'Kane sparks a sexual liaison with Larkhall's plumber, Ben.

That night, Kris makes a call to a man named "Terry". "I need a favour...a bloody massive one," she says.

The next morning, at 6:30, Kris Yates is taken away from Larkhall Prison's G-Wing. As she travels through the city, a truck purposefully pulls out in front of her prison van. The van skids and crashes into a bunch of cars. Kris kicks through a window and scrambles onto the street. She meets a man on the street, who escorts her into a black car and drives her away.

Looking at the CCTV footage provided by the private investigator, Karen Bets squints to see the distinct figure of Jim Fenner running from the scene of the crime.