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Bad Girls

S6 - Episode 10 - Recap

The court battle between Jim Fenner and Governor Neil Grayling begins.

Fenner says that, when he was lodging at Grayling's house, he once awoke to find the wing governor in bed with him. "He was stroking my back and, um, in a state of arousal," says Fenner. He says he felt that his rejection of Grayling's advances had an adverse effect on his career. He says that, at Grayling's "stag party", he passed out and awoke to find Grayling performing oral sex on him.

Meanwhile, at the G-Wing, guard Selena Geeson informs Kris Yates that she is leaving to do an "intensive development scheme". Kris is visibly devastated. Later, Kris is approached by Natalie Buxton in the laundry room. Natalie says "sorry' for messing things up with Selena, then tries to force a kiss on Kris's lips. Kris shoves her away and she knocks her head as she falls down. Natalie goes to Selena moaning about being "bashed".

At the court case, Fenner says he believes his chances of promotion were visibly damaged by Grayling's actions. "He's a predatory homosexual who can't take being rejected," accuses Fenner.

When Fenner is cross-examined, he is asked about when he "exposed himself" at the G-Wing. "I was diagnosed as suffering from extreme stress," says Fenner. He uses the opportunity to blame his stress issues on Grayling.

Sylvia Hollamby is called to the stand at the hearing. She says that her late husband Bobby was a victim of Grayling's "ageism". "He took his own life the very same day" that he was rejected from a position by Grayling, she says.

Next to take the stand is guard and ex-wing governor Di Barker. She says that Grayling told her that he only made her wing governor so that he and his boyfriend could have sole custody of their baby.

When it is finally Grayling's turn to talk, he accuses Fenner of being homophobic. He then says that Fenner's promotion did not happen because he was found to be "abusing" two staff members and "several inmates". Governor Grayling says that he saw photos of Fenner and "much younger" inmate Tina O'Kane in a "sexual embrace". He says that former Wing Governor Karen Bets can attest to the existence of the photos. Grayling admits that Karen Bets is awaiting trial for causing death by dangerous driving.

Natalie Buxton is taken to the prison hospital wing, where the doctor diagnoses her with possible broken ribs and kidney bruising. Selena Geeson is sceptical, saying that she thought it was merely a "winding". "Don't think for a second that you're fooling me," says Selena.

"She came at me, I swear," Kris Yates says to Geeson. "She was trying it on." Selena reports this to Wing Governor Frances Myers. "I'll look into it - and I expect nothing but the truth when I do," says Myers. She then calls for a second doctor's opinion on Natalie's injuries.

Later, Kris says to Geeson: "I swear I'll never hurt you again, I love you so much."

When the tribunal goes to reach a verdict, Jim Fenner and Di Barker are confident about their chances against Grayling. "He's finished - they'll have his knackers off him," says Fenner.

At the prison, the doctor admits to Frances Myers that Natalie may have been exaggerating her injuries. Subsequently, Natalie is removed from the hospital wing and taken "down the block". Natalie then gleefully tells Sylvia Hollamby about the affair between Selena Geeson and Kris Yates.

Talking to Frances Myers, Governor Grayling admits that he is worried about his situation. "I'm in deep shit," he says.

That night, Grayling goes to Karen Bets' doorstep begging for help. "I've got nothing to say to you," says Karen. "I am looking at a life sentence for something I didn't do!" she says of her hit-and-run trial. "Fenner's got me by the balls," he says. Karen says she also blames Fenner for her situation and the two make a deal.

Julie S and Tina O'Kane take food to Natalie Buxton, who is in solitary confinement. Natalie tells the girls that she was viciously attacked by Kris in the laundry. The girls believe her.

The next day, Sylvia Hollamby begins to spread the rumour about Selena and Kris.

Grayling tells Frances Myers that he has talked to Karen Bets. He tells her that, for Karen to help him, he must help prove her innocence. Myers refers Grayling to a private investigator named Rob Skelton.

Jim Fenner visits Natalie Buxton in solitary confinement. "I actually believe you, if it makes any difference&Yates has got a screw loose," says Fenner. He says that he wants to know more about Kris and Selena. Buxton advises him to visit the "records office", where he can find out "who lives where, and with whom".

Natalie is taken to a prison hearing about her run-in with Kris Yates. "She attacked me," Natalie says to Grayling and Myers. She tells them that Kris Yates is having an affair with Selena Geeson. Myers is sceptical.

At her hearing, Kris Yates claims that Natalie attacked her because she rejected her sexual advances. "Are you having a sexual relationship with Prison Officer Geeson?" asks Grayling. Kris denies it.

Using the electoral register, Jim Fenner finds proof of Kris and Selena's co-habitation.

Private investigator Rob Skelton and Neil Grayling meet at a pub. Using photos of Karen's crashed car, Skelton says that the seating was set for someone six foot tall. Therefore, he says that there is a good chance that Karen was not driving the car.