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Bad Girls

Di Fenner (Tracey Wilkinson)

Di Fenner was Wing Governor for a short time between Karen Betts arrest and Frances Myers arrival.

After a disastrous marriage to Neil Grayling that ended in an acrimonious divorce, Di is newly married to Jim Fenner.

On the surface, Di is a happy, cheery person who enjoys her job and genuinely cares for the inmates she looks after. The truth is that Di is a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic! Desperate for love and affection, she falls for men at the drop of a hat - gay, married, violent bully - anyone is fair game. When the inevitable happens, and her feelings arent reciprocated, she becomes frighteningly obsessive about them, even going so far as stealing their personal possessions to make into a shrine. Dippy and harmless on the surface, Di has proved time and time again that shes a ruthless enemy to anyone who stands in the way of her and her man. This time, the man is Jim Fenner, her dearly beloved who was whisked straight to jail from their wedding reception.

In the last series of Bad Girls:

Di took advantage of Fenners mental breakdown to inveigle her way into his life and joyfully accepted a marriage proposal made when the balance of his mind was seriously disturbed. After bagging Fenner, Di soon proved to be on a par with him in the evil plan stakes and helped him to cook up a plan to bring down Neil Grayling. Although Fenner did win the industrial tribunal that followed, all of their hard work was ruined when, helped by Karen Betts, Neil came up with proof that Fenner was responsible for a hit-and-run incident that ended in a fatality.