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Stan takes Idol crown

The final showdown was between 17-year-old Hayley Warner and Kiwi teenager Stan Walker - and Walker took the honours.

The biggest crowd in Australian Idol history waited in the 40 degree heat to hear the winner be revealed.

Walker's extended family was at the Sydney Opera House to celebrate, doing a haka in the crowd.

"I saw them do the haka and that was one of the most proudest moments of my life I think when that happened", says Walker.

Walker has spent half his 18 years living in Australia and the other half in Tauranga.

"He still loves New Zealand too but in reality this is where he is going to make it, he's going to make the big bucks. He's not just a idol, he's a superstar", says mum April Walker

Walker is over the moon, "I'm just fully overwhelmed at the moment, just can't believe it, I fully can't believe it", he says.

"I just want to thank god man, praise god, I want to thank my family".

The Kiwi star now has a record deal with Sony BMG, a $200,000 artist development fund and a new car.

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