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Andrew G

4:15am on a hot summer's night in Brisbane in 1992. At the end of the five-set covers gig at a downtown night club, a seventeen year-old lighting roadie by the name of Andrew Günsberg is rolling up the 50 metre long, vomitcovered multicore lead that runs from the stage to the front of house desk, pulling cigarette and beer covered gaff tape off of the expensive cable before hefting the giant coil of connectors over his shoulder and hauling it out into the steamy, stinky loading dock to put it in the van.

He was still two hours away from getting to bed, and the next load in is at 1pm and is one hundred
kilometres away. $40 cash in hand a night, no idea what worksafe was, and living the dream.

4:15am on a cold winter's night in 1994; Now playing bass in Brisbane band "Feeble's Junky", Andrew is watching his drummer haggle with the promoter to squeeze the princely sum of $50 for the privilege of playing a cut-short 30 minute set (which started 20 minutes before the doors opened),
and providing two band members to load in and out, just to support an 80's Aussie has-been band. A long way to the top indeed.

4:15am November 1994: Six weeks after starting work at B105fm in Brisbane as a promo driver, Andrew is pulling his first of many midnight to dawn radio shifts. When he flicked the microphone on and the "On Air" light flashed, his mind whirred, and his heart raced with excitement. The nine cans of diet cola may have also had something to do with it.

4:15am October 1998: Wait, he's still pulling Mid-Dawns? Something's got to give soon.

2:12am January 1999: Andrew is alone in the Boardroom of SAFM in Adelaide where he is on air in the afternoons. He is cheekily using station equipment to edit together a video showreel to send in to Channel [v], the 24hr music channel on Foxtel

4:00pm April 12th 1999: Andrew is going live for the first time as co-host of Channel [v]'s live request show "By Demand". Three hours of live television a day, five days a week. For the seven years he's at Channel [v], he goes on to interview the biggest bands in the world, travel the globe covering festivals and chasing interviews, and participate in some of the most raw and ground-breaking TV ever made in Australia.

7:30pm August 2003:
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JAMES: Good evening Australia I'm James Mathison
ANDREW: And I'm Andrew G, and welcome to our first live semi final of Australian Idol.

Andrew G is the face of Australian Idol, and the voice of Australia's largest weekly radio countdown, Take 40 Australia, which is heard on over 100 stations nationwide.

Andrew is also very proud of his past work at Channel [v], his narration for the Logie award winning documentary series Bondi Rescue, and his hosting of Network Ten's New Years Eve broadcasts. A keen photographer, Andrew also still dabbles in music by playing a DJ set when he has time.