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Auction Squad

Candy Day

Candy Day returns as Auction Squad's designer/renovator for its second series.

The first series of Auction Squad was Candy's first involvement with the television industry, and she enjoys being able to combine her trade with this medium and share her insight and knowledge with the average home owner.

Whether you want to sell or simply brighten up your house, Candy and the team inspire home owners by providing tips, shortcuts and ways to save money when doing up their home. By imparting their knowledge, the team provide the viewer with their professional tricks of the trade and how to get results especially when it comes to auction time.

Candy sees her role on Auction Squad, to de-mystify renovation projects and to show that it isn't really that hard to do.

Candy learnt a lot of the basic skills from her father who has two trades- timber boat builder and sign writer.

Born in Queensland, Candy was the girl in the middle of two brothers, a case of 'join in or get left behind' she says.

The balance of Candy's skills she says was learnt on her own by labouring and doing her own building jobs. Candy bought her first house at the age of 18 and had absolutely no money left.

"I couldn't afford to get anyone to work on my house so I used to refer to my father and then carry out the work myself", she says.

Candy has worked full time in a variety of fields whilst always dabbling in renovating in her spare time. All her work, she says has been out of enjoyment and necessity.

Candy has two children and says she has to be very organised. She used to carry her little boy around in a backpack while she was on site and admits to both her children owning tool belts.