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Millen of Auckland Daze, on TVNZ Ondemand

Auckland Daze premiering on TVNZ Ondemand

Meet the Auckland Daze guys ...

Millen is a 35-year-old male model who hasn't worked since 1996.
A mummy's boy (except in his eyes), he's still living at home with his mum, Wanda.

But then if you lived in a $3 million Parnell mansion with your number one fan, cook, stylist and cash cow, would you leave?

Millen's right hand man, Glen, thinks Wanda is hotter than a Venezuelan on a nudist beachý that Millen knows this. 
Glen's also a stuntman on Achilles, a rip-off of Spartacus. Glen's all talk but no action (particularly in the trousers department), despite being voted the 20th deadliest person in the world.

Fasi is Millen, Jimmy and Glen's seriously unfunny mate who keeps losing acting roles to his nemesis, Robbie Magasiva.
Now, Fasi's decided to launch himself on the stand-up scene - and is about to 'bring the funny' on stage.

Everyone knows Jimmy - after all, he was Boo Boo on the latest version of Yogi Bear (well, by Boo Boo, we mean the real actor's body double).
A dwarf entertainer, Jimmy's waiting for that call up to head to Hobbiton from Peter Jackson. But maybe PJ's lost the number ... or the network's down.

Clearly these guys need help - and that's where you come in.

New episodes of Auckland Daze will screen each Thursday afternoon on TVNZ Ondemand from Thursday 27 October 2011. After each ep, you'll be able to suggest what the guys should say next - from pickup lines to insulting put downs, your comments on our Facebook page will help shape their lives - for better or for worse.

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