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Jimmy is an enthusiastic, upbeat dwarf entertainer well known in the film industry as a body double for kids and small monsters on big international movies such as Lord of the Rings. 

He lives for his work and when he's not on a film set, he's often masquerading as a crazy character at one of his many corporate functions or children's parties.

Unfortunately, Jimmy is in denial about his tiny size. As a little man, he simply doesn't feel worthy.

Jimmy gave us a little time to catch up.

Hey Jimmy, what's new? 
I've just been gigging at the moment at corporate functions, waiting for my Hobbit audition.

How's the acting game going? 
Bit slow to be honest. Well I've got heaps of kids' parties and corporate gigs, but the film work's a bit slow. I haven't done a film since I was Boo Boo's body double on Yogi Bear.

Would we recognise you from anything? 
Well mostly I'm a body double for kids and small monsters in films. I was Gimley's body double in Lord of the Rings.

You got anything coming up? 
Last night's KFC and a kid's party where I might trial my new character, Midget Jones.

We hear that there's quite a good acting fraternity - do you all get on? 
Yeah, pretty much. I mean I'm a bit better known than the boys with all the movies I've done.  I'm easy. I met my girlfriend Lana on a fruit commercial. 

Got any big showbiz friends? 
Yeah, I know TJ Miller, an American comedian from the movies Cloverfield, Yogi and She's Out of My League. I know all the stunties and actors from Lord of the Rings and Narnia.  And I know heaps of dwarves too.  I used to run an agency.  

Where do you see yourself in five years' time? 
Making movies in New Zealand. Hopefully with Peter Jackson.

How would you describe your mate Fasi? 
Fasi's awesome. He speaks his mind. He just needs to find his voice on stage.

How would you describe your mate Millen? 
Millen's the skinniest guy I know. He's pretty generous and he's got an awesome house.

How would you describe your mate Glen? 
Glen is incredible. He's always been popular since us boys went to Auckland Grammar.

And finally, how would you describe yourself? 
I'm a little guy with a big heart.