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Glen on Auckland Daze

Glen of Auckland Daze

We caught up with stunt ninja Glen - the dude with intimacy issues and one eye on Millen's mum - to see what he's made of Auckland Daze.

1) How's the Auckland Daze experience been for you?
In a brief sentence, I don't want to do anything else, I wake up every shoot day excited to get to work. Life is good :)

2) What's been your favourite moment from the series and why?
Hmmm, so far my favorite moment has been the fight scene on the golf course in episode 4.
This is because I got to do two of my three favorite things in the world at the same time (Martial arts and Comedy). The last one being music. Maybe season two will let me do all three? 
3) We know you've been doing some stunting for Spartacus while Auckland Daze was shooting - has anyone made any comments on the whole Achilles homage the show's been talking about?
Thankfully people have realised the good natured "ribbing" that we did for the Spartacus series. In fact the leads of the show are fans of Auckland Daze. Many of the jokes and one liners that I use on our show, I created on Spartacus as a way to boost the morale of the other Stunties in some of the days where we were uncomfortable for 14 hours straight.
We would be cold, wet, sticky with blood and unable to sit down all day so comedy was my coping mechanism for my friends and I. It ended up being some of the best days on set because of the laughs.

4) Give us a behind the scenes secret from filming.
All the people that I have fought in the show have died two days later from mysterious illnesses... Actually I can't back that up...
5) Have you had more people come up to you asking you to show them some ninja moves?
Funnily enough that does happen quite often now. I'm just glad that people realise that the show isn't "real" as such, otherwise people would think I was an absolute narcissist.

6) What's next for you?
In a perfect world, another 7 seasons of Auckland Daze would be the dream. I also have some seminars that I will be holding in Fiji, London, Canada, Paris, Oregon, Texas, Los Angeles, Beijing and Auckland throughout the coming year, on self maintenance and Martial arts.

You can find out more about what Glen's up to when he's not hitting on Millen's mum or hanging with the guys, by clicking here for the official Glen Levy Facebook fansite.