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Jessie Gurunathan

Jessie Gayathri Claire Gurunathan is 24 years old and is the newest addition to the Asia Downunder team.
She was born in Auckland where she spent a short few months before moving with her parents to her father's hometown Penang, Malaysia.

Her father Guru (a Malaysian of Southern Indian/Sri Lanken descent) met her mother Claire (a New Zealand European of Scottish, English, Spanish and Maori descent) while studying Political Science at Victoria University in Wellington.

Jessie had the best of both worlds growing up not only within a multi cultural family but in Penang's uniquely multi cultural society which is made up of Chinese, Indian and Malay.

Jessie moved back to New Zealand in 1995 and lived with her family in Kapiti.
After completing high school she studied  Tourism and  Travel and then worked briefly as a flight attendant.

In 2005, Jessie's restless whim took her down a different career path. She took part and won the TV reality show, Miss Popularity, which kick-started her television career.
Since then Jessie has appeared on numerous television programmes. As well as working part time singing and modelling, Jessie has been a presenter on Fight for Life, Maori Television's sports programme Code and even a travel series called 'Kiwi Cure' which was for a UK channel. Jessie has also made guest appearances on Asia Downunder and has even cooked her father's famous chicken curry recipe alongside Bharat on ADU Kitchen.
Jessie is excited about the opportunity to join the Asia Downunder team and hopes her passion and enthusiasm for learning new things and her love of people will make her a positive addition to the team.

Vital Stats:
Favourite Movie: It's a tie between Crash and A Beautiful Life
Star Sign: Cancer (or year of the pig)
Favourite Food: Southern Indian and Tom Yum soup.
Often Seen: Singing at various gigs around Auckland. Also laughing ALOT and usually at herself - life's too short to take yourself too seriously all the time.