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Deer Velvet Cream Chowder


5g Deer Velvet
100g Onion
100g Carrot
100g Celery
250ml Milk
250ml Cream
40g Flour
80g Butter
5g Chicken Stock or 2 tsp Chicken Powder
250ml Water
30ml Red Wine
300g Puff Pastry
2 Eggs
Sesame seeds


Steam the deer velvet with red wine, ginger, spring onion and water for 20 minutes.
Dice onion, carrot and celery.
Mix milk, cream and flour and put aside.
Melt butter in wok and mix with flour, remove.
Drain the steamed velvet and chopped finely.
Heat oil in wok, stir fry the onion, carrot, celery.
Add deer velvet, water and the butter and flour mixture, keep stirring until boiling, add cream, milk and flour mixture, mix well, season with salt and chicken powder.
Portion to soup bowl then cover with puff pastry, seal and brush with whipped egg.
Poke some holes on surface and bake for 10 minutes at 250 degrees.