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Dead to Rights

Oliver and Diggle learn that Deadshot is still alive -- and his next target is Malcolm. 

Malcolm invites Tommy to attend a benefit honoring Malcolm for his work with Starling City -- but Tommy refuses to attend. 

Oliver encourages his friend to mend his relationship with his father while he can. 

Meanwhile, Oliver struggles to balance his new relationship with McKenna with his duties as Arrow.

Previously on Arrow:


Felicity tells Oliver he's all work and no play, so he asks Detective McKenna Hall on a date.

A jewel thief named Dodger (guest star JAMES CALLIS) hits Starling City and targets someone very close to Oliver.

Meanwhile, while working with Laurel, Thea gets her purse stolen by a very fast pickpocket named Roy Harper (guest star COLTON HAYNES).

And Moira makes a move against Malcolm.