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Retailers urged to respect Anzac laws

Published: 6:47AM Friday April 23, 2010 Source: ONE News

Retailers are being reminded they have to keep their doors closed on Anzac Day morning - one of the three and a half days each year when shops must close.

Business must remain closed on Anzac Day until 1pm.

The Department of Labour says businesses may be prosecuted and fined if they are found to be open and don't fall into one of the exempted categories.

People are being encouraged to get in touch with the Department to find out how shop trading laws affect them.

Earlier in the week, Farmers' Markets New Zealand called on its member markets to respect Anzac Day. By law farmers' markets can legally trade on Anzac and Easter trading days but FMNZ is recommending markets either trade from 1 pm until finish or have a remembrance at their markets where all trading is stopped for 1 minute of silence.

The Department is taking action after a number of retailers around the country were found to be open on Good Friday when they should not have been. Most were garden centres, although there were also three music stores. On Easter Sunday, further retailers were found to be trading in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Hawke's Bay, Wellington and in Christchurch.