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Cast Bio: Susan Lynch is Stevie Macutchen

Susan has appeared in many roles for screen and stage. Her film credits include FROM HELL (Dir. Al Hughes), BEAUTIFUL CREATURES (Dir. Bill Eagles), NORA (Dir. Pat Murphy) and WAKING NED (Dir. Kirk Jones). On television she has appeared in AMONGST WOMEN (BBC), KINGS IN GRASS CASTLES (CHANNEL 4), IVANHOE (BBC), and TRUTH OR DARE (BBC).

'Stevie is a single mother who's been friends with Kate and Nora for years. I was very attracted to playing her because she's a single mother who hasn't really grown up - out of the three of them I'd say that she has the lowest self-esteem. She doesn't quite know who she is. She has terrible luck with men and is still searching for her true love. She's also something of a technophobe. She tries to get a job in an office but she's intimidated by Angie - this very pert and glamorous blonde who is a secretary there and who I've always thought of as the touchstone for what Stevie is not.'

Susan describes Stevie's relationship with her mother Margaret (Ruth McCabe) as 'quite sisterly' possibly because 'there's no male presence in the house which I think is related to her lack of rapport with men. Her mum sees her at her most vulnerable and she can be totally herself at home.'

Susan feels that Stevie is 'an extraordinary character to play because she's so in the moment. That's a real challenge as an actor because you have to have very specific energy when you're playing her - she's kind of hyperactive. For instance when she goes on a date in one of the early episodes, she gets herself into such a state, because it's been so long since she's been on a date, that it's a total disaster. She's very near the surface in her behaviour but also in her emotions - there's an incredible honesty and vulnerability to her which is very touching. She does everything you're not supposed to do.'

'The thing I most love about Stevie is that she is totally loyal to her friends - the idea of ever being without her friends is unimaginable. She really looks up to them to give her confidence and direction. She'd really love Nora's hair and Kate's house!

Externally she's quite eccentric - she has an absurd sense of dress. She's a chameleon: she might see someone wearing something that she thinks would look good on her, but she does her own version of it which is slightly off. She hates her hair and changes it all the time. What she's brought out in me and which I really enjoy is a sense of the inner child.'

After roles such as Nora Barnacle in NORA, Susan welcomed the opportunity to play comedy. 'I don't often get a chance to play characters like this - I've played a lot of very strong women, like Nora Barnacle, women who know who they are, which is great, but this is a very enjoyable departure.'