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Any Time Now

Cast Bio: Ruth McCabe is Margaret Macutchen

Ruth is one of Ireland's best-known and most versatile actresses. Her film credits include EVERLASTING PIECE (Dir. Barry Levinson), TITANIC TOWN (Dir. AN AWFULLY BIG ADVENTURE, CIRCLE OF FRIENDS (Dir. Pat O Connor) THE SNAPPER (Dir. Stephen Fears), and MY LEFT FOOT (Dir. Jim Sheridan),. Recent television appearances include THE FITZ (BBC), NO TEARS (RTÉ) and SINNERS (BBC).

She describes Margaret as 'a single parent grandmother'. 'There's glancing references to the fact that it didn't work out with Stevie's father, but you get the impression of a sort of bohemian, capable woman who's raised her daughter single-handedly and is now helping her raise her grand-daughter. They have a very close relationship - so close in fact that they exchange roles at times, as happens some times in a very small family unit. I think it's a very exact reflection of contemporary family life.'

How does she feel about Stevie's life?

'I just know in my bones that she's lying awake at night worrying about Stevie and I think she has a huge amount of guilt about Stevie becoming a single parent. She's kind of muddled along and she wants better for Stevie - she says at one point, 'you don't want to end up like me.'

I find it amazing that this is the first script by a young woman in her early thirties. She mightn't have written before but she's acted plenty - she knows what an unspeakable line is and there isn't one in the whole six episodes; it's very clever and witty and at the same time touching. Myself and Susan were doing a scene the other day and when we were rehearsing it we were roaring with laughter. And then we played it completely straight and you could tell that the crew were very moved by it. Things are funny because there's a conflict - you laugh because of the shock.'

Ruth describes Margaret as 'a wonderful role. 'If you think about the mother in The Snapper,' she says of a performance for which she is well remembered, 'she has very little relationship with her daughter but here the relationship is very real and complex and often very funny. The strength of Any Time Now is the quality of the writing as well as this emotional truth. It reflects the way our lives really are, but in a very stylish and entertaining way.'