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Any Time Now

Cast Bio: Owen Roe is Frank O'Halloran

Owen is familiar to audiences from his performances in BALLYKISSANGEL (BBC NI) and THE AMBASSADOR (BBC). He has also appeared in MAKING THE CUT and DDU for RTÉ. His film credits include WHEN SKY FALLS (Dir. John McKenzie) and MICHAEL COLLINS (Dir. Neil Jordan). His most recent stage appearance was in the acclaimed Abbey Theatre revival of Tom Murphy's play, THE GIGLI CONCERT, in the Dublin Theatre Festival in Autumn, 2001.

Owen describes Frank as 'a psychic weatherman - the sixth son of a seventh son, so his predictions are always just a little bit out! He's an incurable romantic but found himself in his forties unmarried, much to his surprise. It's all come to him rather late, but he has this romantic notion that he will someday have something which resembles a home life. So he develops and grows in confidence over the course of the series.'

Owen welcomed the opportunity to play the rather innocent and benign Frank. 'It's a nice departure for me to play a character who's a nice guy for a change - Dooley in Ballykissangel and Flaherty in The Ambassador and in other roles in TV and on stage, I always seem to be cast as rather gruff and unsavoury.'

He recalls his initial responses to the script. 'When I first read the script I thought it was another Bridget Jones meets Ally McBeal meets Sex in the City but there's a lot more depth to the series than some of those and the characters of Frank and Margaret are part of that. Their relationship is the only 'older' liaison in the story and what I like about it is that it's quite innocent and chaste. What I also like about the production is that it takes its time - it allows scenes and characters to breathe. I don't think that there's anything like it on television.'

He feels that although the series deals with universal themes there is, nonetheless, specificity in its tone and setting. 'Looking at the early episodes it seems to me that the series couldn't be set anywhere other than Dublin. It's as if the city is part of the story. Maybe its because the city is kind of in an adolescent phase, trying to figure itself out; a bit like the characters.'

Like other members of the cast, Owen has greatly enjoyed the experience of the shoot. 'When I finished 'BallyK' I thought 'well I'll never have that again' - there was a great sense of family and community. But working on Any Time Now has been really very easy and very enjoyable. The way it should be'