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Any Time Now

Cast Bio: Ciaran McMenamin is Johnny

Ciaran has previously appeared in a number of television productions including the controversial, Jimmy McGovern-scripted SUNDAY, DAVID COPPERFIELD (BBC TV) A RAP AT THE DOOR (BBC NI) and SAFE AND SOUND (BBC NI). His film credits include THOUGH THE SKY FALLS (John McKenzie), WONDERFUL WORLD (Olly Blackburn) and TITANIC TOWN (Roger Mitchell)

He describes Johnny as 'a bit of a disaster - he's quite bright really but a bit lazy. He's expecting to get to the top or 'something' - hasn't really got any driving ambition. He's also a bit lazy in his relationship with Stevie - which resulted in the birth of Rosy - who he absolutely adores. He was mad about Stevie and he was heartbroken when she left but now he's fallen for Kate, which is very awkward. But he's a romantic; he doesn't do things because they're the 'right' things to do. He gets into all this trouble but he's not your stereotypical philandering bloke. What's interesting about him as a character is that, in this story about three women, he comes across as quite a sympathetic male? I think people watching it will empathise with him - men and women. He keeps getting into messy situations but they're not always entirely of his own making. He's responsible for the fight between Stevie and Kate, but it's not as simple as that, which I think gives him some depth and subtlety.'

But there is another, less expected side to Johnny, one that is not fully appreciated by his friends, according to Ciaran. 'What's also interesting about Johnny is that he has the capacity, in the depths of despair, to see things quite clearly and be decisive. The birth of Rosie, has been a real changing point in his life, and given him a reason to be more responsible and mature, so he's not as 'flaky' as Stevie paints him to be.'

Ciaran feels that 'the series has a really unique humour - I've never seen anything like it before; at times it's off-centre and quite strange but I think it'll be something that people will talk about the next day in the office. It's got a feeling of its own.'